Telus launched Motorola Milestone yesterday, none in stock just yet

After the Motorola Milestone got delayed for Telus Mobility telling us that it wouldn’t be ready for the beginning of 2010, we then discovered the this Tuesday as the speculative date. We were only one day off, but still, Telus’ announcement won’t get you a Milestone yet.

Officially announced as a carrier for the Motorola Milestone on Wednesday this week. Specs and outward appearance are akin to the Verizon Motorola Droid, Telus’ Milestone will take advantage of HSPA for its 3G connection.

For a steap $199 on a constricting three-year contract the Milestone can be had for $200, try to get off early and you will be looking at $500 for two years and $550 on a a one-year contract. Ouch! The no contract price is $600.

Editors Note:  There are no Motorola Milestones in stores yet.  Some stores say they will be in “today”, but that’s what they said yesterday. Nonetheless, no one is camping out front of the stores to get one, wait to pop in to a store in near the end of the if you were thinking of getting one.

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