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iPhone 4G Poll: What features would you like to see for the next iPhone?

Can Apple’s iPhone hold their dominant place in the market? Google Android is really doing a number and their shipped units are breaking through the roof.  What would you like Apple to include in their next-generation iPhone 4G smartphone in order to keep you from becoming a Droid?  Cast your votes now. If there is something we missed, or a feature you would like to mention, please use the comments below.

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  1. they should add videoconfrencing,better camera, bigger screen, and lots more apps, and longer battery life and multitasking

  2. Maybe Wi-Fi like the Palm Pre?

  3. How about adding a better camera with an LED flash?

  4. They should add Macromedia Flash or some type of substitute. That would give a better experience 2 the phone, web-surfing especially.

  5. I wish Iphone would go over to Verison os4 so I could get one. There would be better coverage and more people would buy it.

  6. If I wanted android phone, I’ll get the nexus one. Iphone hardware is inferior to the nexus one anyways!

  7. Definitely “MULTITASKING”!!!!!! Also improve of battery life and better quality camera would be nice. But overall MULTITASKING!!!!!! AND FRONT FACING CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise I will be leaving and going with blackberry or andriod phones that cam already multi-task.

  8. It would be nice to have infared LED transmission and apps to turn it into a remote control device to replace all the different remote controls for Tv, Dvd, Vcr, cable box etc

  9. I like Chrome , so Android would be nice to see on it. That would also give us App Sideloading too

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