Wi-Reach Classic makes USB 3G & 4G modems into portable battery-powered WiFi hotspots

What to do. You have a solid 3G connection with your USB modem, your colleagues are sitting around pretending to do something on a disconnected laptop, you need to share that connection somehow. With Connect One’s Wi-Reach Classic you just insert your 3G USB modem, and voila, a Wi-Fi cloud appears sharing with up to 10 people.

A great solution for a portable internet sharing appliance that first in your pocket. Wi-Reach uses built-in rechargeable batteries which charge off USB, giving you about “four to five hours in normal use.”

Firmware upgradeable, Connect One expects to adapt the device for the future wireless USB modems when they migrate to 4G, WiMax and LTE.

“Wi-REACH Classis is portable, flexible and ready for the future,” noted Amir Friedman, Connect One’s CEO. “We designed Wi-REACH with ultimate flexibility in mind. It moves with you, moves between wireless networks, and keeps moving into the future.”

Shipping today, the Connect One Wi-Reach retails for $99, check the companies website for a retailer nearest you.

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