D2 upgrades mCue for Android: Adds Skype support, place shifting, HD voice

D2 Technologies’ mCUE for Android just got a hefty boost in the features department.  The latest version adds Skype interoperability, video call/chat, seamless call handover, cross-service conferencing and wideband HD voice.

The company is demonstrating their new software version at the 2010 Mobile World Congress, along with “place shifting,” or seamless call handovers between Android-based products.

Seamless call handovers will work between various radio and wireless networks, including cellular circuit voice, 3G cellular data (EDGE, HSPA, EVDO), 4G WiMAX, WiFi and more.  Walk in a building and continue your 3G call inside their elevator covered with WiFi.

Another great feature for business users will be cross-service conferencing – three way voice calls and IM chat bridging across disparate services.

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