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iPhone 4G, rumors, specs, what will it be? Here it is.

Now that the iPad has been unveiled to the public and in the hands of an elite few, what more speculation can we conjure about those crazy kids at Cupertino?  It just so happens that I got a call from Aaron Vronko at Rapid Repair.  As the service manager, Aaron and his team dissect roughly 500 iPhones and iPods per week.   Who better to speak on mythical Apple products than someone who rips their guts out all day?

He has a few thoughts on what the blogosphere has been creating, have a read after the jump.

Photo: Rodolphe Desmare via Gizmodo

MM: Hey Aaron, thanks for taking my call today, can you give me a bit of background info on you and Rapid Repair?

AV: Hey Fabrizio, I’m the service manager for Rapid Repair, our company was founded 6 years ago and we repair mobile devices, gadgets, ipods, iphones, zunes, video game consoles and handheld consoles. We get shipments from all over the world and repair close to 500 a week. We also contribute to our general knowledge-base by buying the latest gadgets, taking them apart, and putting out repair guides on our website.

MM: That’s great, thanks. So lets get down to business, what do you think Apple will do with the iPhone 4G?

AV: I think that the big changes to expect for the iPhone 4G (4G meaning 4th generation, not the network), in contrast to the iPhone 3GS, will be the exact opposite. The iPhone 3GS changes were focused on the hardware, the horsepower, the core of the device and the kind of performance it can offer. It was basically 95% the same phone as the 3G, just a faster version of it. With the iPhone 4G it will be more or less with the same hardware capabilities, but totally revising the design of it and heavily tweaking, revising and adding to the software functionality but not necessarily in the core applications, but in the most common periphery apps.

MM: Can you tell me more about what you think the direction will be with software?

AV: The thing that made the iPhone successful in the first place was that it did about four applications that everyone who wants a smartphone wants, and it did it better than anyone else ever had. Those four or five applications will be about the same, its just the next 80 or 90 they will improve functionality on.

MM: How do you think the iPhone 4G will be compared to the iPad in terms of platforms and hardware? Will there be any cross-platform integration?

AV: I think its interesting to see to what extent they want to integrate iBooks, they probably most likely want to avoid that. They’ve got another market they are trying to create with the iPad, trying to offer the same functionality on the iPhone, and with that small of a screen size is not that effective for reading books (even though I think they might bump the screen size on the iPhone 4G). I wouldn’t be surprised to see it more focused on reading periodicals, daily news, weekly news. Perhaps expanding on the content delivery that the iBooks content delivery will use. Which I think is a great move, that’s one big piece that the iPad is missing is just one killer app and that it’s not way better than any other device that has come before it.

MM: Well we don’t know that for sure just yet.

AV: Yeah, based on what was shown. It’s not a better e-Reader than Amazon’s Kindle, its not a better computer than the MacBook Air, so far there is not one thing that’s better than everything else.

MM: How about hardware?

AV: I do think the iPhone 4G will use the same processor that is in the iPad. The new Apple A4 as they call it, or it may be called the A3, when it comes down to the hardware it will be the same basic design. The CPU inside that application processor will be an ARM Cortex-A9, the graphics processor will be a PowerVR SGX, probably a 535 or 540. But what they will do, instead of running that CPU at the same clockspeed as the iPad, they will just underlock it to about 600Mhz on the iPhone 4G. The reason they would do that is to save significantly on power.

By comparison, the processor that is in the iPhone 3GS is also running at 600Mhz, the new processor set could easily be 25% more powerful even if they ran it at the same clock speed. In fact, they could even slow it down to 500Mhz and it would still be a more powerful processor set, and it would use maybe half the power as the iPhone 3GS processor and still get just as much done. And thats a result of using a newer and more powerful processor design. Largely due to using a smaller manufacturing process.

MM: Do you think Apple would open up the iPhone 4G for multitasking?

AV: No, I would say not. They didn’t indicate it in the iPad so I would think not. They won’t want to change it from the iPhone 3GS. They have a pretty good history in doing this with the iPods. In one cycle they change the design, the next cycle they beef up the hardware with kind of the same design, and then the next cycle they change the design again. The really good reason for that, which makes a lot of sense for phones, is every 2 or 3 years peoples contracts expire and they can get a new phone when that expires. So it makes sense for Apple to make a device with substantially different capabilities, but nothing more than that. If you make phones with substantially different capabilities every year, then you end up with too many classes of applications and too much confusion of compatibility.

MM: What do you think about these “touch-sensitive case” rumors?

AV: The touch sensing case rumors are interesting. A design concept I think Apple might be playing with, but not an enhancement that would be in the next iPhone, this sounds like something what would more suit the iPad. I believe they will however tweak multi-touch, so you can come up with new gestures, but nothing changed at the core. The case should be an aluminum uni-body.

MM: How about hardware specifics, what will be inside this iPhone 4G that we haven’t talked about?

AV: Memory will be at 512MB, the cost is right and I couldn’t see Apple staying at 256MB for the cost differences. I think storage capacity will be in the options of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. No removable battery, if the iPhone is thought of as having a 2 year life cycle. On a 2 year basis most people are reasonably happy with their battery life.

MM: When do you think Apple will release the iPhone 4G?

AV: I would expect it to be close to the typical annual release, unless there is something groundbreaking that no one would expect there’s no reason that it couldn’t be out. The iPad is going to be out in March with that processor already on display, so processor production shouldn’t really hold them up. But they will need more for iPhone’s, I would say early June to mid-July. Whoever the fabricator is for the iPad A4 chip, will be the fabricator for the iPhone A4 chip. OLED screens are already available in the size Apple would want to use, the only thing they may want to be waiting on is Samsungs newer generation of OLED screens which are 25% brighter. They are in the mobiel handset form factor where you might get a reasonable level of performance in direct sunlight.

MM: What will it cost?

AV: It’s going to be the same or less. Certainly not more, $99, $199 and $299 are the most likely targets. Going any lower to that doesn’t net them any additional sales and thats the price point for most mobile phones, and they could make a killing on it because they are not upgrading most of the hardware inside, its a year later and a year cheaper and for the same price.

MM: There are rumors of video conferencing, what are your thoughts on that?

AV: I don’t think Apple is convinced that the customer they design for (North Americans) demand this feature.  Our mobile networks, (especially the beleaguered AT&T) are nowhere near ready to handle the heavy network demand and usage of these technologies, meaning it would be a WiFi only app and Apple doesn’t want to make their headline feature one that “just works… sometimes.”

MM: Anything else you might want to touch on, perhaps gaming, whats it all really about?

AV: I think its more about design and form factor, not performance on this. They are using newer chips, but thats mainly to increase battery life. Thats the trade off, you can increase battery life and increase performance with some level of trade off. I think you could see some pretty awesome games and battery life. If they use an OLED screen with the A4 chip, clock it all the way down to 500 or 600MHz, you could double the battery life in pretty much all applications from what the iPhone 3GS was. Or they could make the battery smaller and take it off the size and weight of the device with still a 50% increase.

MM: Well Aaron, thank you for your time and our readers will definitely appreciate your thoughts on this.

See the latest iPhone 4G concept here on Mobile Magazine.



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  1. Well we now know that Aaron Vronko at Rapid Repair doesn’t have a clue. Better luck next time.

  2. lionel williams

    please send me the price of the iphone,
    thanks in advance

  3. Look, Apple is not that bad, they make sick computers, for me what the Iphone needs is a flash, multi-tasking, two cameras, other networks like Verizon, 5 Mega-Pixel camera or better, removable battery, and and new design (it looks like a bar of soap)… that is a lot. If Apple were to hear us out they would be making much better money. My brother has a prototype 4G and it is better, but now yet what I am looking for. I currently have an Iphone 3GS and it is not that bad. I do prefer my brothers phone, and for you haters, it is not that bad, much better than that Nexus One peace of Shite. Hear us out Apple!!!!!!!!!

  4. I Had a First gen Iphone that lasted me little over 2 years of physical abuse. I worked as a roofer, it has fallen down, gotten slammed against fell in a puddle of water and lasted me still over 2 years with no problems.

    The phone does make everything easier, great at keeping things tidy and is all round a great phone. Can be a little boring and monotonous until ‘Jailbreaking’ a wonderful tool that makes the iphone what it should be. People complaining that their iphone can’t do this and that.. jailbreak the thing and you’ll get so much more support, free themes, free ringtones, free upgrades, tweaks and whistles. I mean, seriously, anyone knocking on the iphone isn’t worth listening to. If you have one and aren’t content, sell it to me. Get something that suits your needs more. But blatantly crying foul play and mentioning Jobs Knob is just plain ridiculous.

    It’s not the best gadget in the world, but it does what it needs to in order to make it worth mentioning. I’ll be getting either a 3Gs or a 4G depending if they make their usual June launch.

    PS. My phone now no longer works. Unfortunately it isn’t ocean proof so if you go swimming in the ocean, don’t forget it in your boardies 😉

  5. I used the hd2 ,d its blazing fast, anyone says anything else don’t know what they’re talking about, I phone is ok without a processor upgraade its essentially the same phone,who really needs to look at someone when talking on the phone

  6. Ok Im a teenager, and I’ve always thought of the iPhone as a toy with games and apps and music… It’s like my iPod and my phone in one! I will get an iPhone to save pocket space and to have fun with it… If u want buisness, pick a different phone… U don’t have to be rude about it… Get a droid… Nobodys stopping u… Jobs isn’t going to start crying cause u want to screw him… Honestly, nobody cares what u think, they are millionares and they aren’t going to hurt if u get a moto droid… The opinion of Sean…

  7. Jailbreak your Iphone and you find out just how much you can customize this phone. I have an 8GB 3G, not the 3Gs and love this phone after jailbreaking it.

    I can’t wait for the 4G to come out so the 3Gs get cheap and I can upgrade =]

  8. I have a Motorola Droid.. used to have an iphone. To me the Droid is so much better. All my friends have iphones and most of them like my Droid a lot more than iphone. Apples app store may have more games and stuff, but the rest of the phone sucks compared to android. I don’t see why everyone thinks the iphone is so much better, its not. And at&T’s 3g coverage blows, one of the reasons I switched to Verizon, way better.

  9. First of all why is everybody getting all hyped up about this guy! All he is is some gadget repair guy who happens to fix a ton of ipods and iphones. He doesnt work for Apple and more than likely knows just as much about the new iphone than any of us do…so dont get your panties in a wad, apple knows they have to step their game up because Android and others have stepped up theirs. I would say the 4g iPhone is going to turn some heads this summer, and there is also rumors of it going to verizon as well…just saying

  10. How much will the iPhone 4g cost? And what is the release date set for?

  11. Seems like everytime I get ready to buy the newest iphone, another one is on the horizon that I feel I should wait for. If i buy the current one, I will have to bend over if I want the newer one before the contract is up. Unfortunately, that forces me to keep giving Verizon $$ every month. :(
    Next iphone come soooon!

  12. Don’t know why when they started making the iPhone 4g they didn’t add flash player since that seems to be the main problem with the iPhone.

  13. Seriously, the iphone is a good device. It has the form and function to satisfy the most needy of our human species.It brings some pretension and prestige to an otherwise dreary life.Sadly, it doesn’t have a decent camera and its in talk quality is brown, at best.
    As for app’s, useful? maybe. A deal breaker for a phone purchase decision? no. A Smart phone has to be everything to everyone. Like politicians, we know this is impossible. So if you love your apps and your urban trinkets, get an iphone and itunes et al. If you want something that can combine an ipod, a decent camera, a basic laptop and a phone all in one, look elsewhere. Simple. Dyson vacum cleaner + Iphone + Toyota Prius = vanilla.

  14. you guys are stupid. if you dont like your iphone or want the features found on other phones, then sell your freaking iphone on ebay for $300-$500!

    put that money towards your dream phone and complain about the lack of apps on it

  15. Indonesia here^^

    waw….. in Indonesia apple just launch their product (iphone 3gs officially)… within a year they already launching the new one >__<

    anyway, who's prefer design or specification?? to me, DESIGN is no1.. lol

    as long as i could carry the new one, it gives a self-esteem to me ^^, and hope the others said "Hei, look he has the new Iphone 4g… waw what a nice look.. 2mrrow i will get the new one… ^^" <— THIS IS WHAT APPLE WANTS.. pathetic huh?? smart ass ~___~

  16. Moina Says:
    February 12th, 2010 (3 weeks ago) at 3:52 pm

    If the next iPhone is boring as it sounded on this article, I’m not going to get the next one. I’ll move to Google. Apple can stay with their iPhone & stingy business approach.


    Great! One less person in front of me in line!


  17. The iPad has the same processor as the 3gs just not clocked down and stripped of some useless things, according to appleinsider.

  18. And oh yea, you can make ringtones out of any of your iTunes songs. Very simple thing.

  19. CJ is right. I’ve had my jailbroken 3G for almost a year now. Good battery life (fully charge each night and I’m fine), with multi-task functionality in the backgrounder app. No flash? who cares. Can’t remember the last time I pulled up a website on my PHONE with flash on it. Camera doesn’t have enough megapixels? Who cares, it’s a smartphone, not a smartcamera, it takes pictures that look pretty decent. Can’t remove the battery? Who cares, upgrade your phone every 2 years like a normal person (and if you can’t afford, why do you have an iPhone?). Point is, yes the basic un-jailbroken iPhone does lack some things, but overcomes it with the jailbreaking.

  20. lets all fight over whos right.. i laughed several times reading all of this.. ive been running a jailbroken and unlocked for tmobile 3g for about 6 months.. the process took all of 10 mins.. ive had absolutely no problems what so ever.. now i can multi task with the backgrounder app.. i can change my ringtones and message and email notification tones.. i have folders for all my diff apps.. i have a background.. i cant wait for the 4g to come out.. even if its not perfect.. someone out there will be smart enough to write a jailbreak for it to fix anything thats wrong.. no other company will ever come close to what apple has done.. even with a better phone theres already too many iphones out there.. most people arent gonna be willing to change.

  21. Iphoneletdown you idiot you own a jailbroke Iphone like me if you want to be a cry baby get another phone don’t disrespect the underground by getting on this site b_tching you suck your problably a first year jailbreaker anyway rookie

  22. Hey did you notice bill never said what phone he uses hahahahahahaa ……that’s what I thought

  23. why does it look thin at the bottoma and fat thick at the top? thats strange! it should have a consistent thickness!

  24. I do belive its just the same phone with minor tweaks, dont get me wrong, Apple’s products are amazing. I just think they should take more time in creating something brilliant than just modding the same-old same-old. I used to own an iPhone and its great, but ill just stick to my BlackBerry Bold 2, which fits my needs pretty well, if not better.

  25. Still no word on being able to use an mp3 as a ringtone or text tone – i thought would be a basic feature of the phone but they are too greedy to let you use them for free! They could do it if they wanted to and that really bugs me about the phone. And how come the iPhone rarely works as well as an iPod on a dock or car iPod connector? Some basic things to sort out before they move on surely?

  26. @austin
    Do me a favor, before you attack me, please learn how to speak English. I barely understood what you were saying.

    How many (smart) phones have cut and paste? Pretty much all of them!

    Why would you even mention your PS3 or your Xbox on this forum? We’re discuusing smart phones.

    I’ve had no problems with my iPhone due to jail breaking. The battery life is the same…it sucks.

    Safari the greatest phone web browser? I’ll leave that one alone since you obviously do not know what you’re talking about.

    Apple doesn’t care about jailbreaking? Where are you getting your info from?

    I don’t mean to be insensitive to your mental state, but are you retarded?

  27. apple have allways done things there own way. With the macs etc.and its allways worked .Same with the iphone they have done it there own way.
    The iphone does everything might not do everything perfectly but who cares . Fact is everyone round the world knows the iphone so apple must be doing something right . You can go up to someone and say -do you like the samsung i8910 HD and they wont know what it is . Say do you like the iphone and the answer will be YES

  28. take away the app store and the iphone sucks. But its has got the app store whats got over 10.000 apps. all the other phone companies arent jealous of the iphone there jealous of the app store.so who cares if the iphone aint perfect.tell me a phone that is. so shut up haters just continue living in your nokia world

  29. @ above group
    well safari is the # one phone web browser out their dominating internet explorer
    to those who say macs dont get viruses
    your wrong o so wrong the more similar macs and pc’s get the more viruses join in
    most phones dont have RSS client or memory slots
    if you go to apples forum they dont hate the jailbreaking they actually dont care
    what they dont like is people who are stupid doing this because of teh features it can fuck up a good phone if you dont know what you are doing
    also how many phones have cut and paste
    my PS3 just got it and my XBOX doesnt have it
    500$ piece of equipment so STFU
    also the jailbreaking drains the shit out of your battary and thats why apple doesnt approve due to some faults in it
    also its not far behind
    greatest touchscreen yes
    greatest web browser yes
    dual camera no
    large screeen yes
    decent size yes
    pocket size yes
    finger thin yes
    multitask yes
    *if you can recieve a text while using mail/safari you have multitasking dumbasses
    its the apps apple dont want you to use
    it has it just JOBS doesnt wahnt you using it
    FLASH: no
    angry due to mising flash yes
    proxy sensors light sensors: yes
    missing some things yes
    flash is the shit
    connectibility to computer using 3g network yes
    so get off the iphones ass or get on it
    whichever you choose get your damned facts strait

  30. @iPhonemaster

    I’ll try not to use the words “shite” or “frikin” too much this time.

    The 30 second battery thing I was talking about was a joke. The point I was trying to make is if you so-called fanboys would get off Mr. Jobs knob for one second, you would notice that this phone is missing quite a bit, it really hasn’t brought anything new to the table and it isn’t as perfect as you would like us to frikin think (sorry that slipped).

    You asked for a few faults so here’s my short list.

    1. No removable battery
    2. Short battery life
    3. No front-facing camera or double (personal choice)
    4. Can’t muti-task
    5. No Flash on shitty Safari
    6. No expansion slot (standard with most phones)
    7. No RSS client
    8. No MP3/ACC ringtones (must be m4r)
    9. Can’t categorize notes or text
    10. Safari is shite (there goes that word again)
    I could come up with many more.

    Look, the iPhone has some good features and a nice design, but it’s years behind other phones. I mean, less than a year ago it added a new feature called CUT AND PASTE. Are you kidding me?

  31. King Wilton of Africa

    i agree with what most of u say. i think the term “fanboy” to discribe apple’s intusiats is a remakebel/ginues of nick name ! hahaha. the guy that thought of it should get a medal of honour at least…! hehehe. if you believe in the iphone ssso much to the point you disregard the goods the competion is offering, you trully are FanBoy.

    you jus have to scope at the horison and realise that – you are really missing out.
    1ST of all – apple hooks you up (am from uk by de way – london town yhe!) with a network provider you dont necessarly want. in the uk it was o2. they are loosing money!

    2ND thing – once on a contract with apple, always on a contract with apple. in terms of what you get for 2years. your stuck with a phone LIMITED TO APPLE. THEY SELL U MUSIC, SOFTWARE, GAMES, … the list goes on. your payin 3 to 4 times more than what you should have or could of if you where else-where with another companay.

    i dont disagree nor disregard to the fact that the iphone is great – it is great. the multi-touh stuff, millions of app, yhyhyh yakadi-yakadi-yakadi… ITS THE RESTRICTIONS.


    FanBoy, look at it dis way – when iphone producers got together and advertised the phone for you, they made the choice for you. they work with the best market research company, luring you into their vaulting manopoly chain making you think its a good idea – AND OFFERRING YOU NOTHIN RELAVANTLY NEW OR WORTH WHILE, while they save money. SELLing U, yes you Fanboy, the same product every year. thats also the reason y i didnt get involved at the whole ipod craze.

    think about it… dont be naive and see it, ask your self if its worth it, could i get it cheaper elsewhere, can i get more for more or even less the same money £££. its costing you, not them. trust me.

    by the way i am one of those guys that check on value over money/brand loyalty – all that stuff. i make sure i dont get brain-washed by EXEPTIONAL marketing . lol . peace out,
    with love, form London, yhe!

  32. Why do you spell shit with an e on the end? Do you really mean to do that? And all you Apple haters out there, shut up already! Apple IS the best thing since sliced bread! That’s the honest truth. No viruses faster start up shut down time, I could go on and on and on. I hope the iPhone 4G has a lot of cool new features and I WILL buy one as soon as it is released no questions asked.

    Ps I am writing this on my iPhone 3G

  33. @iPhoneletdown

    your’e funny. if I didn’t know any better, I would think your complaints were part of a comedy routine. there must be something wrong with your phone if the battery life keeps going out in 30 seconds. I have a 1g iPhone and the battery is fine, never replaced. or maybe because you jail broke it. whatever the case, no background choices shouldn’t be that big of a problem. you never look behind the app lists. you are always in an app. and how many other phones let you play thousands of apps with other people? not many. and certainly not as many apps as an iPhone. besides a background, what else is wrong with an iPhone. if you can find faults with it, why not list a few. i bet most of yours are because you jail broke it. THERE IS NO PHONE THAT DOES AS MUCH AS AN IPHONE. just let that sink in. if you don’t believe me, name one. I dare you.

  34. Hi,

    Last shite comment was good.

    It is certainly surprising that Apple seems to change everything when the start doing somethingh.

    I had my creative mp3 with 8gb in a small form factor and mini usb and 3.5 jack before they created that damn ipod , there was nothing new only design and smoke.

    With all is the same. I owned a Sony Ericsson P800 six years ago, incredible phone with all the things the iphone is doing, so again the iphone was not giving anything new , it is just design , smoke and show.

    The other stupid guys seems not to understand the magic formula but with some common sense they could do also nice and beautiful designs. HTC is not doing bad, the Legend has a good design with UI Sense and the Desire is the N1 from the manufacturer of it, so it has some more features and less shite.
    Anyone considering the Legend or Desire ?

    My personal view is that the new iphone will have quite a few new hardware improvements , new camera, new chip, more memory, better battery, and people will be happy then: The show must go on!

  35. Listen, I bought this frikin iPhone 2 years ago and I was so disappionted i had to jailbreak it to get some functionality out of it. I mean you cant even change the desktop (or springboard) background without hacking the frikin thing. The frikin OS is typical Apple. You can’t do shite with it unless you or someone else you’d like to play with has the same OS and you’re stuck with apple-only software.

    Sure the app store has a lot of apps, but most of them are useless because you can only use them 30 seconds at a time due to short battery life.

    How can you apple fans find no fault with this peice of shite? Apple spends all it’s time trying to close holes in the iPone OS so that no one can jailbreak it and show people what a real smart phone should do.

    All you fans get off Jobs knob. He’s got you brain washed into thinking the iPhone is the best thing since slice bread.

    I wish I had never purchased this peice of shite with all it’s restrictions. Apple will never get another dime from me.

  36. littleheadspin

    All the people who say “why cant we have multitasking” and then say after “with better battery life” why dont you just buy a f*ucking laptop or windows tablet and do all your bloody word processing and watch porn at the same time with a great 2 hour battery life. How can you expect to run 3 or so apps at the same time without compromising the life of the battery. For christ sake its a phone or to be polite a smart-phone either way they are not a desktop computer. You people want the best of both worlds and lets face it that in 2010 isnt possible without nuclear powered batterys and if u want those too then why dont you get in your garage and get inventing then eh

  37. I wish they would slow down bringing new iPhones out I’m stuck with the iPhone 2g now a 4G apprently OS 4.0 will only be supported on 3g and 3gs is iPhone 2g gonna be forgotten about????

  38. no multitasking – who in gods name has put this into the world ? What about reading the web, listening to music and receiving a phone call at the same time? And then, while phoning go onto the web find a picture and paste it into an email one started writing before ? Maybe no-multitaskign has a complete new meaning … something like: “i miss my task manager that I use to witch between apps …” .. wtf …

  39. Al, AT&T is the only service capible of having this device on their network because Verizon is still using CDMA and Sprint is a joke (as is TMobile in the states). As far as the HTC HD2…. it is garbage.

  40. I would really like to see an Android-based phone that bests the iPhone from a software standpoint but haven’t seen it yet. Apple puts out, hands down, the best software available on phones. It just works. The browser is better than anything else out there, and yes it’s even better than Android’s chrome lite running on Nexus One. I really wish this wasn’t the case, I’m not a big fan of Apple’s business model and Android phones are available on so many other hardware platforms and carriers = much cheaper phone plans.

  41. Many phones have 2 cameras now-a-days for video conferences…

  42. I’m also a bit disappointed on this article. If this is really the next generation of iphone then I’m gonna have to pass on it. All of my buddies owns or owned iphones from the first gen to the 3rd. I played around with all of them. I must say they still way behind when it comes to phone capabilities. I see the iphone or itouch as a gaming and music devices thats it. I give them the app store too. Their apps are great.

    By the way, the top dog on smartphones at the moment is HTC HD2.

  43. I hope they do a front facing camera. My Nikia from 4 years ago had one. And as long as they irate the ui looks and over all physicl design it will sell like hot cakes.

  44. Android is amazing. But sorry, I’ve toyed around with my friend’s Android, and that is BORING. Barely any third party apps. Maybe in the future it’ll expand more, but at the time; Apply has already gotten a lead in the business.

  45. hopefully they will get a better battery life because the ones thats on 3gs kind of sucks

  46. supposedly the phone will be going to verizon, att and apples contract is done.

  47. If Apple didn’t want to feature apps that just works sometimes they shouldn’t have put the iPhone only on AT&T.

  48. @ apple inc
    my 3G is as thin as my friggin finger
    also i like mac and i like pc for 2 seperate things
    i think apple was taken from behind this past year with the fact that 3 years ago out of no where they released this super device called the iphone with its “apps” and inovative kick ass touch screen but over the years they havent been putting out like we would all have hoped
    especially with the fact that if they put a 5 or 6 meg camera in it by the time it shoes we will have 4G phones with 8 meg cameras so now apple is starting to play catchup with the way they are going
    also i dont mind the aluminum case, the battery life could use an upgrade but do we really care for it no
    i want a phone that never freezes never lags and runs like my $4000 dollar computer
    i dont care if i can play games on it for more than 6 hours thats fine
    what we all want to see is multtaksking and not within just apples apps like they already do but with all apps
    also what really gets me is that Jobs and CO are just dousches against flash if the iphone or any apple mobile device had flash the half of us would go away but no jobs sits their and laughs about his personal issues with flash
    oh and its not flashes fault that they came out with the first player but you know what jobs its not what you want its what we the CONSUMER want so
    thats that
    also i beleive that our networks can support 3G video chat because i can video chat on a notebook no not netbook running on thier little 3g adapter thing for my laptop now what would hinder it is the multitasking and video chat while doing other network based apps that would overdo it and lag would set in
    and also the phone is already very good looking and its perfectly thin enough as it is fits in all my jeans my girlfriends jeans shorts etc so apple we dont want a makeover on the outside because we all know its not whats on the outside that counts its what she/he can do on the inside.

  49. Glad you are enjoying our posts. Please sign up for a free issue if you haven’t already.

  50. Daniel, thanks for stopping by. Sorry we couldn’t satisfy your needs.

  51. I would love to see the iphone 4g move to an aluminum case like they are with the MB and MBP laptops.

  52. You guys are bunch of idiots, everyday its the same story over and over an over again what is it going to be this and that. Please do me a favor and SHUT THE F up please do yourself a favor and find something else.

  53. The iphone4g will be as thin as your finger and will be simaler to the 3gs.

  54. I have read a lot of articles recently, and am glad to find a few sensible posts on here. Kind of a shame about the multitasking, I do hope they try and give us some form a multitasking in the sense of letting Itunes override apps which require sound off, I would also like a way to leave a game/app , part way through , to go write / make a sms/phone call and go back in, this should really have been made standard by now( basically a set of apps that are core and can be accessed at any time without interupting what ever your doign). The camera dosn’t bother me too much but the more the better and all that. I am looking forward to the OLED screen, and to all the fanboy haters out there go try the HTC HD 2 it’s so slow and laggy in places where it should shine and SNAP ! The nexus one looks like it’s an Iphone toppler but then you just think wait one minute the Iphone 3gs runs so smoothly and some how the cram more out of the 256 ram . . . Why wait for others too implement what Iphoen has been doing for years, LMAO proximity sensors their talking like it’s a new invention, I remember my first Iphone with it’s strange three red dots just visible in sunlight, and the joy of finding out what it does ! apple ignore these fools we need simplicity as chaos means low battery and low usability!

    I nearly couldnt wait for the Iphone 4g and have been torturing my self with google’s OS , as I quite like the idea of Cloud and all google’s plans, but I have concluded that Google are good search engines and understanding the portal to the web as the main requirment, windows have always known this (clues in the name) but apple just seem to make code work, they do hinder you by controlling what rediculous process romping activites you have planned, but if it’s not in their it means no one has done it to their standards. They back release all cool updates which will run on previous models this just highlights their genirosity.

  55. Current Iphone User but hates it

    First of all.. @”Rich” stop being such a loser apple fanboi and let people have their say, or got Jobs’ knob out of your mouth.

    I have the iphone and I hate it, it’s basically a Nokia 5110 with a colour screen, It is limited to doing anything but giving your money away to the app store.

    Why even bother putting bluetooth on it? it’s pointless.

    I will be getting rid of my iphone asap, for a Nexus One, even if the Nexus is a complete pile of crap, i’ll still be happy knowing my piece of crap can send a photo via bluetooth to ANY other phone.

    Job’s and the Iphone need to be canned.

  56. With more and more android phones coming out this year with even better performance and OS than the ones of last year, I doubt apple can afford not to upgrade the hardware. Prior to Android yes this would be okay since iphone offered way more in comparison to palm and blackberry. Apps, 3.5mm headphone, camera, better internet browsing etcs, are all being available on android, not only that but manufactures are starting to work on the design of android phones so they don’t look like soap bars. WMC is soon, sprint has already slashed prices on all their phones, my guess is that they have something up their sleeve.

    I purchased an Itouch just because I do not want At&t service, yes I wish I could use the iphone on sprint esp if it had 4g capabilities this june since NYC will have wimax this year, but more and more i don’t feel like holding my breath. IPAD seems to be going to At&t so my guess is apple will keep milking at&t and chance it with them, fail that way than to go to the open the phone for other carriers.

    Cosmetics are great if you purchase apple products 8 out of 10 times you do it for style than performance. I don’t feel that apple will be threatened by android similar to how they have and will continue to strive with the competition from PC. The problem is when Android phones out perform the Iphone, and have almost as good looks as it though we all know it will never be better. But you also have the option of not sticking with a shitty carrier.

    I appreciate this interview but there must be more on the table than just cosmetic changes, it would be to risky of a business move not to.

  57. Where was this picture found?

  58. People definitally don’t need to be so hard core about apple or pc. Admit it they both have their strong points. I am a pc AND an apple person there is no need to cut yourself short simply because of the brand.
    As for this article, I am discouraged on the new iPhone. I planned on buying the new version when my contract ends for quite sometime. I don’t get a feeling of excitement from the man being interviewed. I think the iPhone 4g will be way more exciting than this man has predicted. The 3gs was somewhat of a let down and I think apple is going to pick it back up!

  59. Like some of the redesign but they should have also worked over the performance side of it
    will most likely be available in the 2nd generation 4g another money maker..

  60. First of all if the iphone 4G is going to be like that moron made it sound its going to suck, why is it going to suck? Because we all want more things like multitasking, much faster processor, better battery life, better camera, dual camera ect. We dont want the same or slower processor and nobody will buy it just because it looks beautiful. The iphone needs hardware and software refresh because its alredy behind look at the google nexus one its 3 times more powerful than the iphone and you think that those specs mentioned in that interview are good, they suck we want more powerful iphone.

  61. I love iPhone haters, the ones that take their time to post hate on any sites that mention the word iPhone, these are the ones that really want an iPhone, but use their hate as a way to mask their inability to obtain one. And I don’t get this use of the word “fanboy”? If a company can become so popular with their customers that they can obtain “fanboys” then they must be doing something right. The fact is, companies are still trying to play catch up with Apple.

  62. when is it coming

  63. what american phone has 2 camera’s?? NONE… So where are ya gonna go?

  64. sounds like your just Jealous. Arent you PC people tired of calling Apple’s fans “fanboys” and other such names? It really sounds to me that your jealous that Microsoft never raised the bar or did anything substantial to compete with Apples new products. Ill take the opinion of 65 million iphone sales to say that it was a success and is a smartphone vs your pathetic one.

  65. Honestly this article leaves me a bit disappointed, if the Iphone 4g doesn’t at least have two cameras, OLED, and a flash for pictures then I’m done with Apple, I would rather pay for a better phone and get rid of AT&T, instead of dealing with Apple’s business formula which consists of selling the same product with minor improvements and charging people full price

  66. ^ What he said.
    I’m with Rick. I’m not much for Apple fan boys, but I’m also not much for haters.

  67. So Bill what phone do you use that does so many more things than the iPhone? James who is at the top of the smartphone game? is it Blackberry with the amazing Storm? or are you still using your Palm Treo with a stylus?

  68. It needs more than a facelift, it needs a complete engine overhaul. I used to be one of those Iphone 3G owners, but was utterly dismayed at how many things this useless phone cannot do. I hope Apple goes down the drain. Apple/Jobs are a greedy lot who are ony interested in squeezing money out of the guillable consumer hypnotized fanboy

  69. Well seeing as the previous iphones have been class leaders, and voted by any established reviewers, surveys etc as the best gadget of the decade, it is great to hear they are just tweaking with near perfection instead of modifying it greatly. It does need a face-lift and I cant wait to see the final version as now everyone at work after seeing my iphone have moved into the delights of Apple. For those that dont appreciate the iphone, get a life and go save the whale, or hug a tree or something..

  70. well this was a pretty good article great job MM…

  71. Pretty uninspiring, which i a good thing considering I’ve always hated the Iphone. Jobs and co, they know that thier fanboys are naive so they’re saying ”Why don’t we just paint it cream white this time, make the logo glow and increase the pixels of the camera to 5mp and call it a day, those suckers will be none the wiser, they absolutely marvel at our magical little device, he he he!” Honestly, I feel nothing but distaste for Steve Jobs and co, yes, you’re at the top of the hype chain bt you’re not at the top of the smartphone game. You’re not even a smartphone, so all I can say tho this articale is: YAAAWWWWNN! I was looking and hoping to like the Iphone 4G, thanks to what it may not include I’ll switch over to the Mobile World Congress event and just go for the more exciting things happening.

  72. the new 4g is going to look the same as the 3G and 3gs just a bit thiner with a better camera with of course more features

  73. Always good to hear form you Moina. Thanks for checking the site again.

  74. If the next iPhone is boring as it sounded on this article, I’m not going to get the next one. I’ll move to Google. Apple can stay with their iPhone & stingy business approach.


  75. iphone all the way, cant wait for the 4g

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