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Motorola Milestone not coming to Telus on February 18th after all?

We had high hopes. While our wish for a January launch got dashed, we figured that the Motorola Milestone would hit the Telus lineup by mid-February. Now, it seems like the Android-touting smartphone has hit another delay. At least, that’s what a change on the Best Buy website is leading us to believe.

If you looked at the Best Buy website just a short while ago, you would have seen it mentioning a launch date for the Motorola Milestone of Febuary 18th. That’s the day that it was supposed to hit Telus. If you go to the Best Buy site now, you’ll see that any mention of February 18th has been removed. What does this mean?

You should always take these pre-order announcements on retail sites with a grain of salt, since the date was never formally announced by Telus, but this still leaves us wondering. Maybe Telus told Best Buy to remove that date for a reason.

Even though Best Buy has taken the date off its website, this does not necessitate that the Motorola Milestone will not launch with Telus on February 18th. Until we get a press release from Telus, we can’t say for sure.



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  1. Or maybe they removed the February 18th date on their website because Telus, the official carrier of the phone hasn’t announced when it’s coming. They removed it because they screwed up and released information before they were supposed to, not because it’s not coming on the 18th. God, how is this even an article? Common sense people.

  2. I’m not jumping up and down for another miniaturized netbook variant with cracky keys..

  3. They didn’t get enough pre-order sales, so they decided to put it on hold and hope for some more media hype, you know the drill. (the milestone? not much of an inspiring name.. maybe the kilometre-rock will work)

  4. I noticed this as well, I certainly hope it’s still the 18th, but that best buy didn’t want to jump the gun (i.e. telus didn’t say they could release that date yet, but it’s still the 18th)

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