Concept freezer uses solar power to keep the Coronas cool

You can finally take those juicy steaks and Coronas with you on remote camping trips.   A little gem called the Eco Freezer concept will keep your food nice and cold for those remote trips.  It’s about the size of a small picnic basket and has solar panels on the cover providing power wherever you might be.

The lid of the Eco Freezer holds two led lamps which charge from the photocells, producing energy by dispensing the current via magnetic induction, which keeps the ‘cooler’ colder longer.

Both lamps used together creates the highest mode of cooling.  When using only one lamp to cool and one lamp to illuminate the Eco Freezer will switch to “low mode”, this will work fine if the freezer is not full.  The cooling system will stop working if both lamps are being used.  The lamps have three modes of illumination; On, S.O.S. and Flicker.

Oh yes,  and just plug it in to the cigarette lighter of your car to get a head start on your cool trip.  The designer is Ruben Igleslas.

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