ZAGGsparq portable external battery pack provides juice to go

The latest battery and backup charger from protective coating manufacturer Zagg, is only 3.5” x 3.5” x 1” in size and weighs just over half a pound. It resembles an Apple MacBook power adapter, minus the cord and of course the sheer blackness of the ZaggSparq. 

The battery itself is a 6000ma lithium polymer cell; the ZAGGsparq can be charged more than 2,000 times before significant drop-off in battery life, claiming to be the world’s most powerful portable battery for its size, this is enough power to charge your iPhone up to four times.

The ZAGGsparq has a few USB ports giving access to charge multiple devices at one. The power output is 2 x 1000 mA at 5V.  The battery will recharge from any AC wall outlet between 100 and 240V. These are selling for $99.99.

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