Verizon considering BlackBerry on prepaid plans?

The latest rumor on Verizon is that a prepaid BlackBerry data service plan is set to be offered within the next three months. We don’t have specifics just yet, but the plan is expected to be $35 on top of your regular voice plan and we don’t expect many BlackBerry variants to be made available at this deal.

This may be the first time Verizon will offer a smartphone in their prepaid package offerings. Most American carriers are reluctant to make prepaid offers appealing and instead prefer long-term contracts that lock you in, empty your pockets and eat your soul.

At Boost Mobile, their $60/month plan includes unlimited nationwide talk, text, web & email with a BlackBerry smartphone.

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  1. Jade Mcneil says:

    Finally they realize that we need some good phones. Luckily Straight Talk already figured that out. I got a Finesse from Straight Talk prepaid on the $45 monthly Unlimited plan which gives me Unlimited data, minutes and messages.

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