iPhone electric guitar dock has app with strings

Ever imagined turning your iPhone in to an electric guitar? Well, sort of. The Ezison 100 released today by Bird Electron in Japan, has created an interesting iPod touch/iPhone dock that will allow you to jam out in a wood and acrylic looking guitar thing.

Once you place your iPhone in to the speaker’s housing, connect it to the headphone jack, you can run the guitar app which will show the strings on your screen. A speaker is built in with a 2W digital amplifier. The whole thing measures 18 x 6 x 1.3-inches, and weighs a mere 650g, the amplifier is powered by three AA batteries. It goes on sale January 30th for $290 USD, apparently only 50 units will be sold.

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  1. I saw some guys that play such “guitars” had formed a band :D

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