Inmarsat’s IsatPhone Pro phone is the latest in global mobile satellite technology

Inmarsat has just revealed new images of their latest global mobile satellite phone, the IsatPhone Pro. It is schedule to launch June 2010 to eleven of Inmarsat’s distribution partners around the world. A successful call was also completed today using the odd looking satellite phone. Inmarsat says that it’s a robust handset with long battery life and a reliable global network connection, however no specific details were announced.

IsatPhone Pro will be sold to governments, media, aid releif workers, oil and gas companies, and those in mining and construction. Satellite telephony will connect to three Inmarsat-4 satellites which should be around until the 2020s.

Support for Bluetooth hands-free devices, voicemail, text and email messaging are some of the features on the IsatPhone Pro. A user will also be able to send GPS coordinates of their location via text message. No price has been set.

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