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Boost Mobile’s Sanyo Incognito by Kyocera is QWERTY-licious

Boost Mobile today unveiled their first clamshell device, the Sanyo Incognito by Kyocera. At a price of $129.99, the Incognito will be available on Boost’s new Monthly Unlimited plan on Sprint’s 3G CDMA network.

The interesting design of the phone is not the clamshell formfactor, but the mirrored keypad that glows backed by an OLED display. It has a full internal QWERTY keyboard, 2.6-inch display, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, GPS and MicroSD card support for up to 16GB.

The $129.99 price is with no-contract and a $50 a month package (excluding taxes) and free shipping from www.boostmobile.com. Best Buy, RadioShack, Target and Walmart will get it in the next few weeks.



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  1. Caitlin Erdmann

    K, so i have this phone. I have the Boost Mobile one with the pay as you go plan. This phone is not as good as it cracks up to be. The service SUCKS! Im saving up for the mototola triumph :) SO EXCITED, but to be honest i will definatley miss this phone.

  2. how do you put sim chip in the phone

  3. WOW……………

  4. Moorer Mykelti

    i did like it but i was at shcool to call my mom in the kyocera broke we i flip it open it to cut it on in the kyocera broke in i hove to battery was not no good . i hove a no moer boostmobile i am good i was you i wold not buy it no moer

  5. Mmm I’m so up set:( b/c I can’t up load a picture to mi facebook account?? Did some one can help me!!!!

  6. okaee so i got this phonee a few days ago for my birthday and its not all that , the screen sometimes freezes for no reason and it sometimes take for ever to get msg’s and sometimes people dnt even receive the msg you sent until a day later or not at all , this phone is not the business , personally i wouldn’t recommend it , but the internet works great , the picture msg’n is slow as crapp and the touch screen part in the front is annoying, sometimes ill be on the phone and it will hang up b/c my face its the end button withh me even knw’n and i prss the wrong numbers sometimess. im really thinking abt getting a seek by boostmobile or either bcak to verizon !

    • @Lauren Camille,
      im getting it for my bday in a few days nd iwanted to kno if a get n-e boost mobile phonr or n-e fonr wuld this be a good fone?
      iwanna kno so muchh b4 iget this!

  7. guys dont get it i have it drop[ped it once it broke

  8. I dont receive all of my calls, people will ask me why I dont answer the phone, but it never rang on my end. I get voicemails from people saying why didnt you answer too!! this sucks. my friend sat right in front of me and called me and my phone didnt ring, it went to voicemail. And i had all bars! the sprint network sucks im getting simple mobile tomorrow!

  9. I`ve had this phone for about a month now , and I`m not going to lie .. It isn`t the BEST phone in the world . It sometimes freezes for no reason , although I will admit the Youtube has pretty good quality . I personally don`t like the Internet that is already on here so I downloaded Opera Mini ; I suggest you do that too , because Opera Mini is twice as fast and even though it takes some time to get used to , it will all be worth it . The touchscreen front is not that good either , sometimes it won`t work when I press a number . It is a mirror , so that`s a good thing ! Um , I like the keyboard . And the camera on here is pretty good . The calling is average . Anything else you want to know I`m glad to help :) .

  10. this is it i been waiting on this phone best thing sense the strobe

  11. e-bay has the phone. I paid 99.99

  12. does anybody know where to get this phone in pennsylvania its sold out everywhere

  13. I getting this phone somtime this week I’m so focking happy woot woot Ima throw a party

  14. You Guys should get it at flee markets a.k.a swapmeets you just need to find a place that you can get them they always have to have it if its not on that one its on the other ppls place soo trust i got mines their and it works like a champ.!

  15. should i buy this phone?i really want it.i have$80.00 right now

  16. I’m a Boost Mobile Authorized dealer in Brooklyn NY. We have 5 stores, and since these phones came out, we have not received even 1 for any of our stores. Its horrible business, because, as per our dealer agreements, we HAVE to post up all the advertisements (Posters, flyers etc) of this Incognito, even BEFORE they came out, We’ve had to advertise-advertise-advertise! And have had customers coming in like crazy every day, day after day, asking, basically BEGGING for this phone, and even offering to pay up front and wait until we get them in stock. We have had so many ANGRY customers also bcuz they just dont understand the way it works. Boost has really screwed their dealers on this one. But, I’ll tell you something, It really doesn’t live up to all the “hype”.. and “hype” is the correct term.. Think about it, Advertised for $129.99, but nobody has them in stock – making them the “elusive best thing out there” and everybody HAS to have it.. so they pay up to $200. for it…. Supply & Demand at it’s very best…

    • does any of the boost mobile phones work were if you go one place you get service an you go another place an you get no service at all also an what about text messages??

  17. ^^^ and yes get extended warranty…just in case….you never know….you would rather be safe than sorry:)

  18. everywhere by me has it……it has never been sold out lol…ever store has it in stock…if you walk in you will see like the front shelf in every store full of them…but never yet have they sold out for some reason…wierd..

  19. this phone is stoked and this is my next one that i am getting

  20. I also looked everywhere and everyone kept telling me they were on back order i finally called Radio Shack and they told me the just got a shipment 3 days ago and had 1 left they held that one for me for 5 hours until i got there…i still haven’t opened it because I’m thinkn about taking it back to get the extended warranty on it for $30 has anyone had any problems yet with this phone? would u recommend me getting the extended warranty…

  21. CriticalThinker

    OK, I admit it – I am an old fart. Yet, I LOVE this phone. I rarely text. Yet, compose just one email or enter just one URL into the browser and you appreciate the design.

    Minor problem is that my stubby old fingers have trouble honing in on the numbers on the outer screen. I’m sure that I will adapt to new tricks 😉

  22. I’m gettin this tomarro!! Hope york pa carries them B****es around cus thats all me. It better have fast txting too cus i’ll return that joint in a minute!

  23. fuck i want this fucken so bad

  24. they sold out all in my city and they dont know when there getting more in so im still waitting

  25. Literally, I called over 15 stores; Radio Shacks, Boost stores, Sprint/Nextel stores, nothing. Called Best Buy on E. 50 in Orlando,they got a shipment in 03/22/10. GOT MINE!!!

  26. they dont have them in east pa no where snd its sucks u cant oder them online if anyone know where to get please shout it out

  27. The phone has not came out in my area yet at all and I can’t order it off line threw boost mobile.com and I am going crazy. Does anyone know a better way to get the phone???

  28. they are selling for $210 on Ebay like hotcakes! conspiracy?

  29. Just had a guy at Shack tell me there’s some kind of problem with these and they stopped making them, perhaps to fix it and that nobody can get them.

    Can anybody confirm? Or was this f’er just trying to upsell me to a crackberry?

  30. Yeah I had this phone for a week now, and it was an awesome week. Personal rating~5 stars…Its more for those who love to text and socialize. They have them everywhere in Connecticut. I never saw a store out of stock…=]

  31. dude i so want this phone man i love it it bananas


  33. just to let y’all know I have it for sprint and it sucks..


  35. You guys should try sams club, they probably dont have them instock but i know for a fact that they can and will order them for you. just talk to whoever is working at the cellphone stand. Everywhere else ive tried has been sold out. The Kannapolis Nc number is 704.782.2748. very insane fone. worth every penny. hope this helps you. :)

  36. raymond Maldonado

    sweriouslty icalled many stores and they asaid thier were discontinuing a brand new phone im angry as hell and i want this dam phone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. this is crazy! i tried to get this phone for my birthday and it’s all sold out everywhere! I can’t believe we can’t just order it off the boost website!

  38. cannot find this phone anywhere in VA either, everyone is sold out. Best Buy, Radioshack, and I don’t think Walmart ever had them. WTF. Why can’t you just order it online? WTF!

  39. I am sooooo getting this phone, i want it sooo bad. I have been watching reviews on youtube for the past week~!!~~!~!!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!!!~!~!~!

  40. Is this phone is bad ass as everybody says i got bb 8320 and i hate the damn thing as long as i can donwload games im music and shit im good does anyone know if you still have to wait for your txt to download cause thats the only gay thing i hate.

  41. I guess you have to live in woods to get this phone. I called the Radio first and they had several. Sometimes it is better to be hillbilly.


  43. been lookin all over southeast texas for one… any1 no where i can get 1???

  44. I have been looking all over for this phone everybody sold out said it won’t b I stock for months and can’t order online I want to switch my plan fro my iPhone but can’t find this new phone any body know where I can order one otherwise Ima just keep my iPhone?

  45. I been trying to get this phone and everyone is sold out of it. My husband has it and I love the phone Radioshack says they should get it today so lets see…

  46. I have been looking all over North Texas for this phone and its sold out everywhere. Finally the Manager at Radio Shack found one for me at another store in South Texas and had it shipped to his store here. It took two days to get here but I finally got it.

  47. This phone is completely sold out in LA. I have been looking for just over a week now. To make things that much worse, there are huge billboards and signs on the sides of buses advertising it. I see this phone everywhere I go, taunting me.

  48. i love it! getting foo sure =]

  49. Im getting one in the morning before they sell out.lol you best do the same man.im going to best buy or radioshack

  50. LadyTeeForever

    Does anyone know if you get to keep your same # for this phone, or do you have to get a new one. When I tried to change over to the clutch, they told me that I would have to get a new #. Would a new # be needed because of a chirp feature on your phone???

  51. i’m so mad everywhere i go its sold out!
    I want one so bad it annoying me

  52. cant find this phone anywhere in my area and im not going to pay 40-50 bux more to buy it on ebay.!!!!! ill pay 129 even if i have to wait 2 months. No asshole is gonna make money on me.

  53. i tired using my ringtones i got form my old phone using bluetooth but i can asign them does anyone know how to do it?

  54. what comes with the phone?

  55. I have waited for boost mobile to step up they game good job boost mobile. when i saw it on tv, i ran to my computer and i started jumping up and down crying with joy. Online i will spend 1 hour looking at it!!

  56. im getting one tommorrow im stoked

  57. these bitches at my job buggin over dis shit somebody please send them one free so they can stop hatin on my shit

  58. son that shit is so nasty i’m riding that phone ma hard. its so sexy

  59. I WANT THIS PHONE BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. no it doesnt have the chirp but its an awesome phone anyways. y was the chirp invented? y not jus call the people. ur already holding ur phone n that way everyone around u doesnt have to listen to it too. i got boost n my friends chirp me but its so annoying so i turned it off, talking instead of chirping is much more private

  61. does this phone have the chirp feature?

  62. this one’s got me creamin==woooindeed

  63. This is already out, and in stock.
    Going to shack Friday,son im fucking stoked
    Been waiting for a flippen long time.
    Woooo! : )

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