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USB Medical cards carry vital data on your person securely

Medical records and information are very important for many Americans, letting paramedics and other healthcare professionals know about any issues you may have just may very well save your life. Memi Tech has two products for you, a 911 Medical ID wallet card and a 911 Medical ID Medallion.

The wallet card and medallion are USB portable personal health record (PHR). When plugged into a USB port of a Windows-based computer the 911 Medical ID Card and Medallion will automatically launch step by step software to read or enter information.

Each device holds 2GB of storage.  Private documents can be safely stored in a secure password-protected area.  Up to ten family members information can be held on each device.   All information is backed up on a password-protected HIPAA compliant, private secure server location which is accessible from any computer with Internet access.

The 911 Medical ID card is the size of a credit card and fits in most wallets, while the 911 Medical ID Medallion weighs less than a quarter-ounce and is the size of dog tags. Prices are $34.99 and $39.99 respectively.  The Medallion is perfect for people who normally do not carry a wallet, such as the elderly, disabled and children.  It is perfect for someone who wants their medical history to be immediately assessable and may not always be in the position to relay it themselves.

“In the event of an emergency, healthcare providers will have instant access to all your vital medical information,” said Dr. Guy Lerner, MEMI Tech’s medical adviser. “Having information such as medical conditions, medications, allergies, living will, and medical tests easily available avoids delays in treatment and costly mistakes. The only way to assure that your healthcare providers have the best chance to help you is to always carry your own up-to-date comprehensive portable personal health record with you in an easily findable and readable format.”



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  1. These are just USB devices that have a program in them that lets you enter your information into that when put into a computer will automatically start the program and show that information so the ER knows any conditions and medications you are on or allergic to. These aren’t subscription services, it is a USB drive like any others you can buy and save information on, only they include the self sufficient auto start program to enter and retrieve your information. You could do the same thing on a USB drive and programing skills, the advantage is that you know when you see it that it should have medical information on it. The advantage is the hospital can put it into their computer and the information opens right up, they don’t have to search the drive for your information. It is like a medic alert bracelet that you have engraved with your information, only this can hold your whole medical history as much of it as you want to enter.

    You can buy them at pharmacies and other places. The advantage to this one is it will go in a wallet like a credit card where most others are just a typical thumb drive that you would have to either put on a key chain, necklace or place in your purse or pocket.

  2. Regarding the question about hidden costs. There aren’t any. According to the website of the originator of this device http://911memi.com Once the initial cost is paid, there are no annual fees. This makes sense, as it is the user who enters the data on the device. It appears the website offers the option to back up data, but that is a separate option from the device itself. I didn’t look into it deeply enough to tell if there is an annual fee associated with that option.

  3. Two questions – (1) If this is for up to a family of ten, how do you decide WHO carries the card? (2) There are hidden costs that are not addressed, e.g., what is the annual fee after the first year?

  4. concerned of iowa

    how do I know it is secure? the product is not NIST FIPS certified, of course I am sure the supplier is confident about their security, but call me old fashioned but medical records are mine, not for browsing any guy who find the tag and plugs it in ( with a average hacking tools available on the web most s/w based security USB sticks can be hacked in about 30 seconds)

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