Live Look at Asus DR-950 Touchscreen E-Book Reader

asusebook Live Look at Asus DR-950 Touchscreen E-Book Reader

Sure, you could join the fold with an Amazon Kindle. Maybe you want the secondary display of the Barnes & Noble Nook. Or you can take the Taiwanese approach with the newly revealed Asus DR-950 e-book reader. Unlike many other units, this one has a touchscreen!

To be fair, the Asus DR-950 is not the first e-book reader to feature a touchscreen display, but the overall design is certainly attractive. I like the stylish matte black finish myself, preferring it over the white bezel that everyone else uses.

For features, we see that the 9-inch display consists of grayscale SiPix e-paper. The hope is that it also has text-to-speech, 3G, and ePub. The home screen looks really good too, don’t you think?

This e-book reader was spotted in the wild over in the Asus UK office, possibly pointing toward a launch in Europe in the near future. Then again, your guess is as good as mine.

Michael Kwan

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