BookBook case creates a bit of nostalgia for MacBooks

How do you disguise your shiny silver MacBook as a distinguished old piece of what could possibly be a literary masterpiece? The BookBook case from Twelve South.

Although it may not impress the librarian, and any intelligent passer-by may be wondering why you are reading a book sideways, but the BookBook case does have a classy nostalgic look to it. Much more so than your typical neoprene pouches or brightly coloured hardshells we are used to seeing for the MacBooks. 

The cases are leather, with antiqueing techniques, a couple zippers hidden as bookmarks makes this quite the alternative case. The BookBook will be available for 13” and 15” MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Traditional black or with red accents are your choices, the price, $79.99 from Twelvesouth. [Gizmodo]

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