Fastest texter in the world does 264-chars in 1:59 on LG enV3

At the first ever LG Mobile World Cup in New York City, the fastest texter in the world, Pedro Matias, 27, from Portugal completed a 264-character text in just 1 minute 59 seconds on an LG enV3 handset, shaving 23 seconds off the previous world record held by Finland’s Arttu Harkki on April 27, 2005.

The LG Mobile World Cup Champions were Young-Ho Bae, age 18, and Mok-Min Ha, age 17, from Korea, they took home $100,000 after beating out 24 players from 12 other countries.

The competition was held on the the LG enV3, LG BL20 and LG GW520 mobilephones.

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  1. Jessica says:

    I beat it!! I timed myself :) I have the LG env3. EASY!!

  2. tyler says:

    I jus timed myselF and i beat it easily

  3. courtella says:

    haha I just timed myself and beat it

  4. CB says:

    They should test me! I can text super fast AND not look!!

  5. A"lexa Gilmore says:

    i totally bet that i could beat the girl that is known as the fastest texter. i want to go oup against her to see who really is the fastest texter. . .

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