Wi-Fire long range WiFi USB adapter reaches Macs

Wi-Fire long range WiFi USB adapter reaches Macs


Ever have trouble with a good strong wireless connection? Sometimes a dead spot or intermitent connection? hField Technologies today launched their Wi-Fire long range WiFi USB adapter for the Macintosh to address this problem.

The compact device sits on the edge of your LCD supposedly increasing range and performance. The Wi-Fire is said to enhance wireless signals, increase mobility by maintaining faster speeds at longer distances in comparison to other standard WiFi adapters.

At only $59 it may not be a bad option if you are within a 1000′ of a waypoint and want to boost your performance. Perhaps your just a gamer and want to lower your ping? Whatever it is, Wi-Fire is here for Mac users.

The new Wi-Fire Connection Manager 2.0 for Mac also looks more advanced from the standard OSX one.

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