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REVIEW: LG Eve GW620R Android Smartphone

One thing that really changed in 2009 was the increasing popularity of the Google Android platform. In the beginning, we only had the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream G1) if we wanted to get into the Android thing, but now there are several other manufacturers getting in on some Google-fueled action. There’s the Motorola Droid from Verizon, for instance, as well as the phone that serves as the subject of today’s review.

While I’m more inclined to associate LG with the feature phones and QWERTY “dumbphones” that you find through Verizon, the LG Eve GW650R is a full-fledged smartphone powered by the Google Android platform. It’s available through Rogers Wireless and, at time of press, it’s just $49.99 with contract. That’s a bargain! Sorry, no availability still in sight for US AT&T customers.

Features and Box Contents

So, what kinds of features can you expect at such a budget-minded price point? It may have launched with a slightly higher MSRP, but the LG Eve is now one of the most affordable smartphones in the Rogers lineup. It’s also got a boatload of features.

REVIEW - LG Eve GW620R Android Smartphone

REVIEW - LG Eve GW620R Android Smartphone

You get the full suite of Google applications, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, YouTube, Android Market, and more. Other highlights include the 5-megapixel camera, 3.0-inch HVGA touchscreen display, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, quad-band GSM, dual-band HSPA 7.2Mbps, integrated Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and a microSD expansion slot good for up to 16GB of storage.

Inside the box, there is the phone itself, a USB sync cable, a USB charger travel adapter, stereo headset, user manual, and a pouch to recycle your old phone. You’ll notice that there isn’t a conventional wall charger here; instead, you combine the USB cable with the travel adapter for that purpose. I prefer this configuration myself, as it streamlines the number of cables you need on the go.

Keyboard, Design, Build Quality

In terms of first impressions, I was happy with the overall build quality and the design of the phone. The touchscreen is very large and the touch-sensitive controls on the bottom are easy to access.

REVIEW - LG Eve GW620R Android Smartphone

I appreciate the inclusion of the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, since I prefer hardware keyboards over virtual on-screen keyboards, but its exact implementation leaves something to be desired. The keyboard itself feels similar to HTC’s slide-out keyboards, but it was a little on the squishy side.

The bigger issue is that the software side of things seems to have a hard time keeping up with my keyboard taps. It seemed to lag at least a few letters behind, especially when I started typing a little faster. This is simply inexcusable, particularly if you want to use this phone for sending any text or e-mail messages.

Haptic Feedback Jiggles the Phone

Like a few other touchscreen phones on the market, the LG Eve makes use of a haptic feedback system. What this means is that any time you hit something on the touchscreen (or the two touch-sensitive controls), the phone will vibrate a little to acknowledge your input.

This is a matter of personal preference and I like having that feedback, but other users complain that it can be distracting. Further still, all that vibration could be an unnecessary battery draw. Even so, I was able to get at least a couple of days on a single charge with light web surfing and other app usage.

Voice Quality and Surfing Experience

I had no complaints with voice calls. Clarity and signal strength remained solid for both ends of the conversation.

REVIEW - LG Eve GW620R Android Smartphone

For surfing, the HVGA (320 x 480 pixel) resolution display was reasonably usable when navigating through most websites, but you will want to zoom out on most pages in order to see more than just a snippet of the page.

Since there is no multi-touch, the zoom function isn’t quite as intuitive as it could be. The precision of the touchscreen could use some work too. Otherwise, most web pages render accurately. The same can be said about other similar applications.


Even though it has Google Android as its primary operating system, you can choose to have the LG skin placed on top. This makes the main menu a little easier to navigate, as you can see all of your applications in a grid pattern, sorted by category. The home screen also has three “pages” and you swipe horizontally to access the additional screens.

The LG Eve GW920R is a good choice for people just getting their feet wet in the smartphone world, especially since it takes advantage of Android and includes both a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard. I would not recommend it for seasoned veterans and intermediate users, however, as the keyboard can lag and the touchscreen isn’t terribly accurate. A firmware update might fix this. More specifications and features at LG’s website.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10



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  1. I got this phone almost 2 years ago and It’s HORRIBLE! It worked fine for the first 3 months but after that it was all down hill. I’ve had to get it fixed numerous times but it never seems to get better. The touch screen is overly sensitive, the keyboard randomly freezes and stops working, It wont let me access any apps I have purchased on the android market, It turns itself off and the battery life and recption is THE WORST! I wish i had never bought this phone! I am not impressed and will never purchase another LG product. DON’T BUY THIS PHONE!

  2. I am begging you not to buy this phone.

  3. I would like to know if there is a software upgrade for the GW 620R which might fix some if the glitches.

  4. I need an urgent help for my android LG620R phone. For close to a year now the touch screen is not working thus I cannot open to browse any application. I can only use the keyboard and the stereo headset to make and receive calls. any help please!!!!!

  5. i had an LG EVE for about a year, and it has the worst reception ever, sent it twice for repairs, the first time they didnt change anything except from the android software, and the second time that change quite a few parts but even with the new parts it’s still not working properly !!!! And rogers would not do anything about it !!! now LG is suppose to send a different phone !!! hoping it will be better then this one !!

  6. I’ve had this phone for a little over a year and it is JUNK. Not worth 2 cents! Constant spontaneous reboots even after all the OS “upgrades”. Battery life measured in hours rather than days. Bottom line: save yourself untold frustration and grey hair – DON’T BUY THIS PHONE!!!!

  7. Daredevildarren

    had this phone for max 8 months now it will not turn on… no impressed

  8. Brooke Pettit2

    Oh my GOD! I have had this phone for a little over two months. I’m 13 and got it for my birthday. my dad paid $200 some for this phone and it freezes all the time. the keyboard will randomly stop working and i’l have to turn it off then off. the touch buttons on the bottom are terrible. if you have it in your pocket and the lock button just happens to be at the bottom it will unlock and the touch buttons will go crazy in class. so i have had it for 2 months and now back to me lg neon. i was babysitting or my parents one night and it froze up (as usual) so i took the battery out then turned it back on and then it froze still and went back to the android screen that goes on while in the process of turning it on. it kept going back and forth. i begged for that phone! and i regret every word i spoke of it!! i got this phone unlockedwich is why it was so much money. so i have a att sim card. my dad is now going to switch the family to verizon and i am going to ask for the droid x. i have heard nothing but great things aboutt his phone. anything is a step up from the android eve and lg neon. i think this was a test rat phone. no point. such a joke!!!!!! and a waste of money!!!!!!!! i have left this phone off for over a week now and just tried turning it back on and seeing what will happen. and no progress!!!!!!!! SMH!

  9. ya i am also facing some problems, but you can use once.

  10. TERRIBLE PHONE. Wen i first got it, for the first 2 or so months, it was great. Now I cant buy apps or use apps I already bought. I cant save contacts and it regects all my calls. Peice of shit.

  11. Worst phone that I’ve had. Touchscreen unresponsive. It makes random phone calls from my pocket. It freezes periodically and have to remove battery and replace to get it started.

  12. Don’t buy this phone it has tons of issue and not to mention a 50% touchscreen failure rate. Meaning your screen may work for awhile, but the cheap parts used make it have a high failure rate.

  13. I have just sent my LG Eve back to the LG repair centre for the second time. The first time, they kept it for almost a month and did absolutely nothing to it – it was returned to Rogers with the exact same problem it went it with (an error message kept coming up and nothing else would run on the phone – no calling, no apps, nothing).
    I have had nothing but issues with this phone from day one. Called Rogers Tech Support numerous times, reset the phone to “factory settings” at least twice, all to no avail. Called LG customer services a few times too – it would help if they would actually answer their phones but they don’t, so could not speak to anyone at LG about the issues.
    I will never, ever buy any LG product again, if this is how they treat their customers.
    Rogers explained that LG is the only company that does not subscribe to their repair/replacement service, so when you have a problem with an LG phone, they can only send it to the LG authorized centre and you wait forever.
    Stay away from LG phones!

  14. ive had this phone for several months , my iphone broke in a car accident and rogers wouldnt cover it so i had to get this for 30 buks, it is sad, freezes alot, slow, random sd card false readings I.E card removed when it wasnt.

  15. worstphoneever

    I cannot believe LG would have allow this phone on the market, knowing the number of bugs/gaps in the technology. LG should do a recall on this phone and stop lying to the general consumers. This explains why LG doesn’t offer to replace any smart phones like Blackberry or Apple (Iphone) would do during the warranty. Instead your phone is sent to some 3rd party repair center without any proper knowledge/training about these phone. only to report that they reloaded the phone to factory settings. The hardware technology on this phone was poorly put together. LG you can definitely do better.

  16. Just sent my EVE back to Rogers. Preferred to keep my malfunctioning HTC dream. The eve is a clearly inferior product. They worked far too hard to make it “feel” like an iphone and totally missed the mark. If I’d wanted an iphone I would have gotten one. It’s an “okay” music player but the audio volume is absurdly low, the touch screen is overly sensitive causing me to constantly have to close apps that I didn’t want to open when all I wanted was to slide to the next screen. Far too many apps in the marketplace wouldn’t work or simply kept FC’ing. The slide out keyboard could have used a little more logic in it’s setup. FAR too much internal memory is devoted to useless apps (facebook, myspace, weather etc) with no option to remove them to recover the storage space. No option to shut off the autocomplete bar in messaging leaving me with less screen space to view my texts. All in all they tried to make this phone something it isn’t and can’t be. They should have stuck to the basics and allowed the owners to decide just what they want to keep on it or not. At best I’d give this a D+ but will admit that if you’re going from a dumbphone and this will be your FIRST smartphone then it’s not a HUGELY terrible choice…but there are FAR better options out there for little to no more $$$. If this is your second smartphone, keep on looking.

  17. For K-9 mail, please adjust the pull time to 1 hour because of the significant energy consumption. This adjustment also applicable to all PDA phone, such as iPhone “push” function.

  18. LG eve (GW620R): MUST DO updates

    This is a good Android phone with great features:
    However, there are some updates you must do before having great wireless service,

    1. remove the original POP3 mailbox and replace K-9 Mail from “Google Market”
    (your email service service will be 100% fast and smooth)

    2. go to lge.com to download the update for the phone. Note that the software has error: XP only.

  19. its a good phone,,,i love a lot having a nice features and nice camera..but i am not satisfies with the mp3..whic the sound quality is not too good……but i recommend its a good one….

  20. I have the Samsung Finesse r810c from Straight Talk and I like it a lot. It has nice big touch screen, high-speed EVDO data connection, music player, 2.0 mp camera and a camcorder, plus bluetooth. It’s as near to having an iPhone as I can get without spending the big bucks.

  21. I had this phone for 2 weeks and it’s the worst experience compare to HTC dream/magic. Screen navigation sluggish. The phone freezes at least twice a day. Keyboard lagging as mentioned above. Couldn’t run the game diner dash on it cause it’s too slow. Overall experience, i say i would give 4 out of 10. It has a very nice specs, features and look but lack of power to run the android OS.

  22. Awesome review, thanks……..you just sold a phone……..

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