5 Things to Consider While Buying a New Laptop


Laptops have changed considerably over the past two or three years. Buying one for yourself can be a tough decision, especially when there are so many options around you. However, we compiled a list of few pointers that can help you find you your ideal laptop. They are:

  • Design Factor – Try to determine whether you’ll be interested in the latest form factors that the laptops are offering today or not. Nowadays, there are various laptops that come with detachable or 360-degree foldable screens.
  • Operating System – Three main operating systems that are popular amongst people are Mac OS, Windows and Chrome. Buy a laptop with an OS which suits your preference and needs. Also ask yourself whether you want a laptop with an OS pre-installed or not.
  • Touchscreen – Laptops these days have operating systems which very much resemble to those in present in our smartphones and tablets. That’s why companies have rolled out features which can be accessed by touching on the laptop screen just like you do on your smartphones. Touchscreen laptops however cost more than the traditional ones.
  • Specifications – A laptop’s capabilities can only be determined by the various specifications that it hides under its hood. Each price bracket has a set of similar specifications. So, try to ascertain your budget and then look for the best specifications in that category.
  • Battery Life – Battery life of your laptops is an important aspect. While most laptops today are easily able to give you 8 or 9 hours of battery life on an average, other might only be able to squeeze out a mere 6 or 7 hours. So, choose a laptop that gives you more time before plug-in for its next charge.

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