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Android banking apps deemed insecure, Google pulls them from Android Marketplace

A few security concerns have come to light regarding banking apps on Google’s Android platform.  According to F-Secure, a programmer nicknamed “09Droid” has an excess of 50 mobile banking applications for sale through Google’s Android Marketplace, the Android operating system app store for smartphones.

On Monday Google pulled the apps and several banking firms have issued warnings for their clients to not use them. At this point the security community has not reversed ‘09Droid’s’ banking app, so as far as they know it could just have redirected users to a bank’s website.  But, ‘09Droid’ just as easily could have programmed a code that steals account login information. Quite a few of these apps had sold before Google had a chance to pull them.

This is going to happen since Android apps do not have to go through any approval process that is even close to the process that Apple requires for its apps available through the iPhone App Store.

As a general rule, third-party apps should not be used unless you know without a doubt that it is approved/recommended by your own personal bank. Just to be safe, only download apps that are provided by your financial institution.



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  1. This is just another reason why the Android will fail. Bitch about Apple’s strict quality control all you want, but it does provide a much better and SECURE way for customers to access online data.

    • @Ted: Haha Android is going to fail because Google doesn’t police software well enough for you? Why hasn’t Windows, Mac OS, or Linux failed yet? Sounds like a user fail to me…

  2. Picking On Pieter Panther

    @Pieter Panther

    Haha, so you’re getting onto someone who speaks English as their native tongue, yet you can’t even get the facts correct. Grammar has to do with the syntax of the words in a sentence.

    Rod screwed up on spelling, not grammar. Maybe someone (you) should go back to school with Rod. At least you’ll still have a one up on Rod.

  3. Perhaps they should have certain application categories that are locked to verified organizations … eg “banking” category with submissions locked to only certified bank dev teams …

  4. Perhaps they should have application categories that are locked to verified bank dev teams …

  5. Pieter Panther

    @Rod: It’s ‘grammar’, not ‘grammer’! And next to that it’s ‘nitpicky’ or ‘nit-picky’ but not ‘nit picky’. To speak in your language, all I can say about someone like you who comments on others about grammar but makes obvious mistakes himself: Damn!

  6. Wow was you daddy hard on you about your spelling, are you mad at your dad,

    anything else asshole………..where is your fucking report,,,,,,,,,,oh you only report on others,,,,,,,no brain

    what looser corrects spelling in others work,,,,,,

    Rod is mad at his Daddy, so he is mean to people……..

  7. @BenR…ummm I don’t mean to be nit picky, but if you are going to write about someone having half a brain, you might want to check your your grammer. It should be “made by” not “make by” and it’s 09Droid not Droid09 and I’m not even going to go into the missing punctuation. I know this isn’t a report or article, but damn…

  8. Wow BenR must be with the internet police……..thanks for all that valuable information.

  9. @BenR: Check the marketplace again. The Bank of America app is made by Bank of America, not Droid09.

    This is one of the unfortunate downsides to having an open marketplace (I cringe every time I see a new virus scanner pop up). This is the age we live in: If there is an opportunity to scam someone, you better believe there’s a guy that will try.

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