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Cellphone plan war: AT&T vs. Verizon

As you know Verizon made a decent price cut on some of their plans this week, and in response to that, AT&T said bring it on.

The two have always been at battle, but with AT&T’s response so closely timed with Verizon’s, its a complete price war and we don’t know when it will stop, or what other carriers plan to join in. Undercutting each other to maintain a larger market share, both companies unlimited voice plan package prices were cut, that goes for the iPhone too.

Verizon dropped their nationwide unlimited talk and text plan to $89.99, with Unlimited Talk at $69.99, that’s a full $29 a month less than what you would have paid back in ’09 (if you call them to change your plan). More on Verizon’s rate cuts in our previous article.

AT&T didn’t want to sit on the sidelines so they matched Verizon’s unlimited voice plan at $69.99, unlimited talk and text at $89.99 and the iPhone “smartphone” plan with unlimited voice and data is stuck at $99.99. New plans start Monday, you can call to switch without a pentalty or contract extension.



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  1. Sprint is the way to go! I have unlimted mobile to mobile and text and to add to unlimited data all for 69.99p/m. They only down side is that you get 450 land line minutes, but in my book people these’s day don’t call land lines as much as cell phones. Also Sprint and Verizon share the same network towers. So really, Sprint is the King of the cell phone market!

  2. I am mainly interested in coverage. Is there a difference?

  3. what r u talking about??

  4. This is really funny! Even after price cuts they are still not competitive. Hell, 70 bucks for unlimited talk only? I have UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for $45 on Straight Talk prepaid plan. AND it’s on VZN’s network so I don’t know HOW they swing this past their regular customers. The fact that you don’t even have to do credit checks or sign contracts makes Straight Talk even more appealing, I just got mine at Walmart.

  5. What you talkin' about Willis

    Yeah, but Tmo is peanuts compared to the big two! Besides, we’re only talking about the two major carriers on this blog. I hope Verizon is prepared to take on any new customers that will eat up its data stream. With the new LTE 4G network on its way, I’m sure Verizon Wireless will eat away AT&T’s market share.

  6. Yet at the same time – Tmo beats them all.

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