Nokia 2010 Symbian user interface concepts revealed, built on Qt

Nokia today let loose on their Symbian S^4 concept. More of a proposal and call for feedback allowing users and developers to have a chance to share their two cents worth.

The user interface concept is a complete overhall, and thank goodness for that. The platforms apps will all be redesignd, reorganized and rearranged to tap the latest graphics capabilities of Symbian devices, like transparency, subtle fading, smooth switching and all that jazz.

The User Interface Concept Proposal (v.2) compares it to Android’s moveable homescreen regardless of Symbian’s multi-panel screen. Exit commands are a thing of the past, and an alpha-ordered layout with multiple viewing filters.

This UI will be built in Qt supporting touch and “hybrid” devices. So go have your say on the next Symbian OS design.

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