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FDA tries to stop NJOY electronic cigarette company from entering US

The US Government’s FDA arm is trying to keep NJOY, an alternative electronic smoking product, out of the US market. However just last night, the District Court of Columbia issued a decision granting NJOY’s motion for preliminary injuction to prevent the FDA from detaining or refusing admission of their product.

This is good news for smokers, bad news for cigarette smoking companies. NJOY has already spread to millions of users around Europe, who knows how well it will do in the US market, but with it being a “healthier” alternative to traditional cigarettes, it may do quite well in this Dr. Oz world we live in today.

The preliminary injunction from the DC prohibits the FDA from detaining NJOY’s products or refusing their admission into the U.S. unless and until the FDA provides evidence that their products are being marketed for their “therapeutic effect,” such as the treatment of nicotine addiction or helping smokers quit.

Now this all sounds a bit crazy if you think of it this way, a company comes out with an alternative to smoking, an electronic device with an atomic vaporizer, and the FDA want’s to stop them because they feel it is a health product.

However, a recent study concluded: “These results address concerns raised by the FDA and others about product ingredients, safety and health risks, and specifically, found that there is no carcinogenic risk from TSNAs – tobacco specific nitrosamines – in the vapor inhaled by NJOY product users or non-users who may be exposed to the constituents passively.”



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  1. The FDA is lobbied by the tobaco companies. We all know that!! They lost millions in law suits and now, They can’t take another lost with the hooked customers.

  2. Smoking is supposed to be something a free man should decide on his own, and looking for alternatives is also a right for them. I don’t think the FDA is stopping these electronic cigarettes just because they don’t want regular cigarette sales to go down, though I personally think we should have more alternatives available here like vaporizers and stuff.

  3. smoking sucks! Listen to my music instead!

  4. These e-cigs have no tar at all, no burning substances, and zero second hand smoke. What better way to go green than with these electric cigarettes?

  5. In response to Anon, you don’t “smoke” e-cigarettes thats just the term people use. E-cigarettes produce vaporized flavoured nicotine. Satisfies the craving without harming the environment and without all the harmful chemicals except nicotine. so yes in fact E-Cigarettes DO have a LOT of benefits

  6. Smoking is moronic in the first place and I can’t understand why cigarettes are legal… sure it’s a free world, but carcinogens are illegal and cigarettes contain them.

    There are no “benefits” in smoking an electronic cigarette, it’s the word “smoke” that you should target, not “tar”. It’s like saying “eco-car”, a car pollutes anyway, it’s not ecological in the first place.

  7. I got one last september and haven’t had a normal cigarette since. That’s what is scaring the tabacco companies, enough to get their fat cats to overpay some puppets to start putting out bad rumours about a product that could lose them billions.

  8. dolores martinez

    my name is dolores martinez im 14 years old .smoking is bad why do people smoke. i just hate it that people think its cool.do people know that they can get effected by lung cancer.? do they put it on the box ?? if there was one thing that i could change the world is throwing away cigarettes .

  9. Started smoking at 14, and just quit at age 34 after 20 years of hard-core, 2 pack per day, Marlboro Red habit. I’ve gone over a month without a cigarette thanks to my e-cigarette. I had basically just given up on quitting, and had decided and accepted that I would probably die a smoker. At age 34, i have breathing issues, used an inhaler daily, and may be in the early stages of COPD or emphysema from years of smoking. This was my last ditch effort to stop, and I am shocked to say that the e-cigarette worked for me, as I honestly didn’t think it would help me. This product is different because when I want a cigarette, I have something I can actually reach for that mimics every aspect of smoking: the feel of the cigarette in your hands, the inhale, the feel of the vapor in your lungs (feels like smoke), the nicotine satisfaction, and the visible vapor that looks like smoke on the exhale. THIS PRODUCT MAY HAVE SAVED MY LIFE.

  10. Electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers are definitely top notch in my book. I made the switch after smoking for more than a decade. The article is right too, I’ve saved thousands of dollars in my year now as an e-cig smoker. All the effects of smoking that damaged my body making me cough and unable to taste or breathe properly are gone but I bet I’ve saved even more money because I refilled my cartridges instead of purchasing new cartridges each time they’ve gone dry. I also purchased my starter kit for much less than the kit mentioned above. My supplier is fast, affordable and always answers any questions I have, I really recommend them and I’ve been a happy customer. Take a look at their site, freshsmoking[.]com . You’ll be happy you made the switch too, at least your wallet will! lol.

  11. This device is incredible….been using mine for 14 months!!! NJOY is obviously willing to commit the financial resources necessary to make sure the public is not deprived of this amazing alternative! I got mine from http://www.refillmynjoy.com….Found they have the best prices and fastest shipping of any other authorized NJOY retialier I’ve ordered from…

  12. The electronic cigarette is the best device created. The FDA is just concerned about them actually replacing cigarettes. Hopefully it wont last long. It will eventually come down to them finding without a doubt, something harmful about the electronic cigarette. Guess what? They can’t!

  13. I smoke Crown7 Electric cigarettes and LOVE THEM!!! im soo glad these things can get through :)

  14. Must try them

  15. I smoke an electronic cigarette and since I began I feel way better. It doesn’t have the tar, the carbon monoxide that drains your energy or the carcinogens that can cause cancer. To me, it’s an obvious choice. I bought mine at http://www.mistycig.com, although there are many types to choose from. I love mine, smoking tobacco is over for me. Cheers!

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