USB 3.0 Ports Added to HP Envy Laptops

USB 3.0 Ports Added to HP Envy Laptops

USB 3.0 Ports Added to HP Envy Laptops

hpenvyusb USB 3.0 Ports Added to HP Envy LaptopsThis has been a long time coming, since we have all been using the USB 2.0 standard for a very long while now. It’s about time that we get a suitable bump in speed to go along with our higher quality video and larger file sizes. And so, USB 3.0 is finally making its way into the laptop world for real.

Hewlett-Packard, which you may know better simply as HP, has just announced that it will have configurations of its HP Envy 15 notebook PC equipped with USB 3.0 technology. HP is thus one of the first PC makers to make the leap to USB 3.0.

As you know, USB 3.0 is substantially faster than USB 2.0, both for single large files and large numbers of small files. To go along with this speed, you’ll want to have suitable performance in the rest of the build as well.

HP is coming through on this front as well, since the USB 3.0-equipped HP Envy 15 will also have the new ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5830 graphics and a quad-core i7 processor. If you prefer something different, USB 3.0 will also be offered in the Elitebook line from HP too.

Source: CNET

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