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Best Buy sells Sony S-Series Blue Label 2.0 Notebook ahead of schedule

Best Buy stores had started selling a Sony S-Series Blue Label 2.0 notebook before the official launch date of January 17th. The Sony S-Series notebooks are going to be particularly popular among the movie going crowd, as they are able to stream 720p HD films with the Intel Wireless Display technology through Hulu and Netflix.

I thought I would let you know some specs that I have found on the  Blue Label 2.0 Sony S-series notebook:    13.3-inch LED-backlit display (1366×768),  Intel Core i5-430M processor (2.26GHz),  Integrated Intel HD graphics, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB HDD, DVD burner, Weights 4.4 lbs, a backlit keyboard, Intel Wireless Display Technology.

The official launch of the Blue Label 2.0 Sony S-series notebooks are set to go on sale January 17th at a price of $1049.99, other Blue Label 2.0 notebooks will start at around $899.

Source:  Notebook Review



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  1. DVDs are always 480p

  2. dvds are typically 720, the max resolution able to be carried by this tech, a blu ray at 1080 would have to be downsampled to that level anyways, so there would be no advantage to playing blu rays over this tech.

  3. all these laptops have wireless hdmi too hook up on your hdtv’s….but NONE of them have BLUERAY drives…so most of your time you will be streaming regular DVD MOVIES to your hdtv…GOOF UP!!!!

    sure i can be on youtube hd and watch clips and what not here and there online….but, hello, WIRELESS HDMI… whats the BIG point of having it if you dont have HD?

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