5 Things to Remember While Buying a Headphone

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Whether you are going out for a jog or simply want to do some household chores, a good pair of headphones can really be a great company. However, buying the right pair of headphones can be difficult task, especially for those who aren’t that tech-savvy. That’s why; we’ve made a list of 5 things that you must remember while buying one for yourself.

  • Style of Headphones – Try to determine the purpose for which you’ll be using your headphones. If you are a DJ or if you are too much into music, then you might like to go for the DJ-style headphones that are big, bulky but have a better sound quality. For regular use, however, you can always go for behind-the neck headphones that are comfy to use.
  • Noise Cancelling – Headphones these days have this popular noise-cancellation feature where the headphones simply cut the outside noise and bring them down to inaudible levels. These headphones thus provide better sound effects but are pricey.
  • Frequency Range – Do some research about your headphone’s frequency range as well. A wider frequency range means that you’ll be able to hear more from your music. A large range like 10 Hz to 25000 Hz is recommended and anything within that is fine.
  • Impedance of Headphones – So as to get the best from your headphones, it’s always best to match the impedance of your headphones with that of the equipment that you are using. It’s measured in Ohms.
  • Try Them Out – Try out the headphones you intend to buy before you actually buy them. Listen to them in an electronic store or try out in case your friend has it. Listening to one of them will help you understand what exactly you should look for.

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