128GB Compact Flash card from Silicon Power is huuuge


Silicon-Power-400X-128GB-CompactFlash-300x240 128GB Compact Flash card from Silicon Power is huuugeRight now I’m using 4GB and 8GB cards. I’ve had an 8GB die on me once, it was a Sandisk knockoff from eBay, to make a long story short I had to run forensic recovery software on it to regain only a partial amount of precious images (maybe 30% was recovered), the rest were lost to the ether. Now a 128GB is just damn scary if you ask me, sure it’s impressive, we are North Americans right, bigger, faster, etc, etc.

I’m not knocking Silicon Power, where else can memory storage technology go? Props to them for this card, it’s pretty fast to at 400X (90 MB/s). No price or availability announced yet.

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