inPulse smartwatch for Blackberry gets you updates on your wrist

We are in so many situations where having to pull out our phones to check for a message is just not possible or even appropriate.  Have you ever missed a call because you didn’t hear your phone ringing or couldn’t feel the vibration?

Canada’s Allerta has fixed that problem with their soon-to-be-released inPulse smartwatch for BlackBerry.   The inPulse smartwatch connects wirelessly through your  BlueTooth to your Blackberry, alerting you to incoming emails, SMS and calls.

inPulse features a  brushed metal body – fitted to a custom wrist band, an elegant user interface with 1 button interaction. It grabs important information like, caller ID, text messages, email titles, calendar alerts and displays it on a colour OLED screen. inPulse’s built-in vibrating motor alerts you immediately to incoming calls.

It takes the time and date straight from your BlackBerry smartphone, so there is no need to sync them.  Settings like custom alarms and timers, sleep times and message filters, can be easily modified on your Blackberry smartphone and then appear on your smartwatch.

Source: Get In Pulse

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