Checking Out the Dual Screen Notebooks from MSI

Checking Out the Dual Screen Notebooks from MSI


We’re still waiting to see what Cupertino is going to do to enter this market, but it seems that Taiwan is more than ready to jump into the fray first. Over at CES, MSI had a notebook that featured dual touchscreen displays, ditching the hardware keyboard altogether. In this way, you could say that this is a tablet, an e-book reader, or a notebook.

I’d imagine that this may be more proof of concept than anything else, but what an interesting concept it is. Powered by Windows 7 Home Premium, the MSI Dual Screen Notebook offers a virtual QWERTY keyboard on the bottom screen when you need it, offering haptic feedback much like certain touchscreen smartphones.

Under the hood is a 32GB solid state drive and 2GB of RAM. When it comes time to read an e-book or two, you can rotate the twin 10-inch displays so that you hold the device like a physical book. There was also a smaller version with much the same functionality. The downside is that there is no accelerometer, so you have to rotate the screens manually.

MSI isn’t the only company doing this either. A few booths over at Asus, we see the concept that came from The idea with that site is that the community can “dream it” and Asus will “build it.” Will we see something like this hit the market? Not anytime soon, I suspect.

msidual Checking Out the Dual Screen Notebooks from MSI

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