Motorola Backflip Android Smartphone with MOTOBLUR


backflip Motorola Backflip Android Smartphone with MOTOBLUR
There is so much to see on the CES trade show floor, but one of the devices that grabbed my attention was the Motorola Backflip. Like several other smartphones, it combines a touchscreen with a hardware QWERTY keyboard, but the form factor is completely unlike anything that I have seen elsewhere.

Instead of simply sliding out of the side like the Motorola Droid, the Backflip does a more extreme version of the sideways clamshell. The keyboard can actually flip all the way around to the back and close again, allowing you to have just access to the touchscreen should you so desire.

This unique reverse-flip design “creates new possibilities for enjoying music, photos, and more.” The Backflip uses the same processor as the Motorola CLIQ and it has the same MOTOBLUR user interface as well.

The expectation is that the Motorola Backflip will be made widely available in North America in the coming months, though no carrier deal has been announced as of yet.

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