Luxa2 Sticky Stand Strong Enough to Hold Kindle DX


Do you remember the Luxa2 H1-Touch desktop cell phone holder that I reviewed some time back? I still have the blinging holder on my desk to this day, but its adjustable arms don’t reach far enough to accommodate larger devices like the BlackBerry Bold 9000. So, Luxa came up with a stickier solution.

Instead of using those adjustable metal arms, this newer version of the desktop stand uses a stronger version of the sticky rubber surface from the original H1-Touch. It doesn’t leave any residue and your device is easily removable as needed.

So, how strong is this? Ramsom Koay of Luxa2 (an off-shoot from Thermaltake) demonstrates here with a huge Amazon Kindle DX. If it can hold a Kindle, your smartphone should be no trouble at all.

I didn’t get the picture, but he also held it so that gravity could pull your chosen device off the stand. He used a cell phone for the demo, but it held up very well. If you prefer, there’s also an overgrown version of the original H1-Touch with the adjustable arms. That one is big enough to hold the Kindle too.

luxa  Luxa2 Sticky Stand Strong Enough to Hold Kindle DX

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