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Iron Man 2 Blasts onto CES Show Floor with Branded Gadgets

 Iron Man 2 Blasts onto CES Show Floor with Branded Gadgets
No, you still won’t have that special energy orb thing in the middle of your chest and you still won’t have the unfathomable fortune of one Tony Stark, but you can still have some fun with Iron Man 2. Vivatar inked a special licensing deal that will see a range of branded products.

More likely than not, these are the kinds of devices that you’ll find in places like Toys R Us rather than a serious gadget shop. In this way, the Iron Man 2 gadgetry is better suited to the younger set, especially if they’re not terribly interested in the functional features themselves.

Clockwise from the top left are a digital camera, MP3 player, spy camcorder, and SMS text messenger. The last of these is clearly borrowing some styling elements from RIM (or maybe Samsung), but I am curious to see how it actually works. Do they provide you with a SIM? is it bundled with service like Peek?

In any case, if you’re looking for a mild Iron Man 2 fix before the movie comes out, you can get in on some Vivatar-sourced action. Sort of.



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  1. When I first saw the trailer for this I thought it looked great. Now that I saw the film not so much. The film’s action sequences are not that exciting, the plot is confusing at times, and there’s not as much humour as before. It got better near the end with Scarlett Johansson doing some fighting as well as the fight with Ivan’s robots. To say this film was a disappointment is an understatement. This film makes Iron Man look like a classic compared to this one. Now Iron Man was a great movie but i wouldn’t consider it a classic superhero movie. Robert Downey Jr. seemed to play the role the same in this movie but i can’t say he was that cool in this one. The scene when he’s drunk with the iron man outfit on was just stupid and the fight between him and Rhodes was poorly done. This is just a stupid action movie that will probably entertain kids a lot more then adults.

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