Facebook App for iPhone gets 3.1 update, Push support, more problems?

facebook-iphone Facebook App for iPhone gets 3.1 update, Push support, more problems?With the release of Facebook for iPhone version 3.1 things were supposed to get better, others were to get fixed, but in all reality, most of it is broken for many users.

With the hole integration of push notification, you should be able to get your Facebook data when it goes up online, like photos, new friends, etc, but many users over at the iPhoneBlog are having issues with this, some have just about had enough.

Facebook for iPhone 3.1 installation should be simple, you’ll be asked to allow notifications, say ‘yes’ and they more often then not will be activated.  You can access the settings and adjust what the Facebook app notifies you about to keep your phone from getting hammered (depending on how popular you are). There you can set everything as a default or start settings some limitations.

The meat on this dish is the ability to sync your friends with your address books.  When asked (hopefully just once) it will sync the data and add your friends Facebook profile URLs to your iPhone contacts. Synching their profile pictures should also be there, but cross your fingers.

Does Facebook app 3.1 fix things for you? Give you more problems? Let us know!

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