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Facebook App for iPhone gets 3.1 update, Push support, more problems?

With the release of Facebook for iPhone version 3.1 things were supposed to get better, others were to get fixed, but in all reality, most of it is broken for many users.

With the hole integration of push notification, you should be able to get your Facebook data when it goes up online, like photos, new friends, etc, but many users over at the iPhoneBlog are having issues with this, some have just about had enough.

Facebook for iPhone 3.1 installation should be simple, you’ll be asked to allow notifications, say ‘yes’ and they more often then not will be activated.  You can access the settings and adjust what the Facebook app notifies you about to keep your phone from getting hammered (depending on how popular you are). There you can set everything as a default or start settings some limitations.

The meat on this dish is the ability to sync your friends with your address books.  When asked (hopefully just once) it will sync the data and add your friends Facebook profile URLs to your iPhone contacts. Synching their profile pictures should also be there, but cross your fingers.

Does Facebook app 3.1 fix things for you? Give you more problems? Let us know!



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  1. I am having trouble getting my data up load on my I iPod. Meaning Ivan see my walll. It won’t load.

  2. omg fb is so damn annoying…when i try to access my profile it goes to news feed

  3. Push notifications DO NOT work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. App has been acting crazy for a while so I usually use my safari browser on my phone to go to the real website now it keeps sending me to the itouch facebook website even after I hit the link to take me to the full website, my computer has been down for a while so unless I go to the library I have to do it all through my phone and now I can’t!!! I’m not happy!!!!!

  5. Postung is sooooooo slow! Can’t change profile pic. Can’t even go to Safari on FB to full website and login..it says invalid user n password. That was the only way I used to change my profile pic. Now Safari shoves me back to some half assed site that doesn’t even show pics. Then after I’ve logged into the half assed site I switch to full mode site…select a pic to put ony profile and it thinks I’m on a pc or mac and doesn’t let me respond to the resizing of the phot to post. I have to go to my actual computer to change my photo which takes all the fun out of being on FB on my iPhone in the first place. I think this is is just something in cohoots with iPhone not able to recognize iPhone as a camera on my PC and i used to be a great advocate of Iphone and FB but now want to trash this trashy experience. I’m highly done!!’

  6. I can’t change my profile picture on facebook from my iphone!

  7. This update and app are now crap. Along with the update to their main systems, it is not user friendly and is SLOW. My iphone has now crased after a PUSH notification that will not go away. I am p*$Sed!

  8. It gives me more problems… I can’t change my default pix or upload pix on my profile

  9. Won’t load anything with the name facebook in it…. Including mafia wars and even if ivyry to open in safari…. I get a blank page. When Turing the facebook help feature I have to type in google then read in mobile format only!!! What’s going on????!!!

  10. Was able to play Mafia Wars on Facebook with my iPhone and suddenly I just get a blank screen if I try to go to the mafia wars page… was working earlier today and now it is not :(

  11. I cannot update my status either. But husband has no problem. Does deleted and downloading it again work?

  12. Not only are FB push notifications not working for me, the FB app is blocking all my push notifications in other apps. I uninstall FB, bam, push works again. I reinstall it, and still no FB push, and again, can’t get push from any apps at all. Now I can’t even have FB on my phone without it destroying the functionality of numerous unrelated applications.

  13. My entire Facebook application stopped working! Now when I try to open Facebook on my iPhone, it opens for 2 seconds and then crashes!:S

  14. Definitely keeps crashing when I look on my friend's walls and you can't even upload iPhone screen pictures (pics you take of your iPhone screen with your phone). I haven't even bothered to risk syncing my contacts. I've already got "MyPhone+ for Facebook" for a while now and have never had problems with that.

  15. It worked fine for me for a while, but now I’ve gottn stuck in a loop I can’t get out of. I clicked on some photos in a friend’s page. It took me to an album created by one of his friends. Now I can get out of the photo slide show. I click Done and it exits the app. If I get a notification, I can get to the notification page, but exiting that just takes me back to the pictures.

  16. You can no longer upload iPhone screen grabs. Also my app started crashing after a few days and I had to reinstall. Push notification sound doesn't work. First sync erased my iPhone contacts. Haven't risked another sync.


  18. I can no longer update my status from my phone!

    • ME NEITHER! How can we fix it! I also cannot comment on pictures that don't have comments already on them!!!!

  19. It broke my mobileme contact sync'ing once i enabled facebook contact syncing with the address book. Not impressed with this facebook!

  20. The biggest thing I have noticed is that the push notifications don’t seem to work. Even though they are all set to be on, I never get badges, alerts, or beeps when there is any activity on FaceBook. So I still have to open it up just to check for any new postings or other activity.

  21. …Yikes!!! Sorry, I'm actually Tony Gates! Again:

    Seems to have slowed everything down. Even on WiFi, there is a lag between touching a button and the requested action. It also seems to take an inordinate amount of time to post a comment..

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