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MSI dual-screen e-reader and netbook runs Windows 7

MSI is the first company to show off a working prototype of their dualscreen e-reader. And it’s everything you ever dreamt of – sort of. MSI is calling this dual 10-inch screen device an e-reader, it’s really more of a netbook with two screens since it’s got an Intel Atom Z Series processor and runs Windows 7 Home Premium.

The device is about the size of a netbook; it’s all metal and it actually felt quite heavy in our hand. Both screens are 10 inch multitouch displays that interact the way two monitors would on a dual-display setup. It ran a little sloppy; it’s obviously running some beta software, but the digital keyboard was easy to pull up and had a haptic-like feedback when typing on the bottom screen. For a very early build it is quite impressive. MSI actually plans to bring it to market within the year.

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  1. With a few likely improvements, MSI could be poised to blow by some major players in the unfolding tablet and ereader form factor follies. The hinged dual screen form will be a big winner if done right and made light yet solid. Ability to be an ok doc reader, an interactive color tablet sharing content between 2 screens seamlessly and in snappy fashion, a wireless netbook with a digital but expansive keyboard, a decent video card with mic, camera, SD storage, ……running Win 7, what's not to like? No DVD? No Android? If I can get all this flexibility in a netbook-like form factor that does not weigh a ton, syncs with my cell phone and PIM apps, folds to a handy size with a leather wrap I can toss into a briefcase… for say….under $699, it would become THE must-have daily and travel computing sidekick. I would gladly bypass the sprawling and pricey flat tablets coming out , the scrawny, pricey and feature challenged ereaders flooding out, and the travel netbook I was considering. This would do it all.

    • Give me a stripped down version of Photoshop/Illustrator that could run on this thing, and maybe even a version of AutoCAD (I'm a draftsman by trade), this would become the end-all, be-all, of mobile computing solutions. The only other change I would make would be the ability to open the screens 180 degrees so they're touching back-to-back, having the back screen shut down in configuration.

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