HTC Smart now running the Qualcomm BREW OS

Europe and Asia will be getting a new phone called the “Smart” by HTC.  The phone will run on Qualcomm’s BREW platform, a cheaper and hopefully “smarter” alternative for the consumer.

The Smart BREW is skinned with HTC’s Sense interface.  It’s processor speed is 300MHz, and with 256MB RAM we can expect it to be a lower budget device from the HTC camp.  Internal memory is only 256MB too, but expansion through microSD is your savior. A 2.8-inch touchscreen QVGA display is your best friend, link to the internet wtih HDSPA, devices with Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi are lacking.  There’s also a 3.0 megapixel camera with flash.

Source HTC

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  1. A.S. says:

    nice phone, i’m satisfied. nothing fancy, just what I need – email, browser, youtube support and your basic phone features.

  2. HTC Smart is the worst phone. The battery back up is horrible. I have to recharge the battery 3 times in a day. I charged it at 11 pm and went to sleep. The phone was idle. In the morning I was astonished to see that the battery is 80% exhausted. Moreover the OS is too much slow and irritating. Never buy such a defective phone.

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