Go for a Dip with Kodak PlaySport Pocket Video Camera

kodak Go for a Dip with Kodak PlaySport Pocket Video Camera
The pocket camcorder market doesn’t seem like it’s going to leave the party any time soon, so it makes sense that the manufacturers are looking for new bells and whistles that they can throw into the package. If you’re more of an outdoor adventure kind of person, then you may be interested in the Kodak PlaySport Pocket Camera

On display during Digital Experience at the Consumer Electronics Show, this device looks like a semi-rugged version of the pocket camcorders that flood the market, but it comes with a few notable highlights. First is that ruggedness. The rubberized outer casing is supposed to protect it against minor damage.

While you probably won’t go deep sea diving with this thing, the Kodak PlaySport Camera will survive water as deep as three meters. That should be just fine for your Hawaiian snorkeling adventure. The video is in full HD and it can take five-megapixel stills too. Naturally, there’s no optical zoom unfortunately.

From what I can remember, it comes with up to 8GB of internal memory, as well as an SDHC card slot should you need more space. Look for the Kodak PlaySport Pocket Video Camera to launch a little later this year.

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