Technocel Ear Vibe Stereo Headset Vibrates Too

Technocel Ear Vibe Stereo Headset Vibrates Too
Do you remember the guys at Technocel? They were the ones that offered us that handy PowerPak Universal Portable Battery and Charger. For CES, they have a couple additions to that line, but the Technocel Ear Vibe may potentially be more interesting.

On the surface, you may think that the Ear Vibe is little more than another stereo headset, but it hides a skull-rattling difference. Apparently, this is the first headset “that vibrates to the beat of your music.” Yup, it has an extra bump for your thump.

I always thought that speakers were essentially vibrating to produce their sound in the first place, but the Technocel Ear Vibe goes further by literally vibrating itself “when your tunes hit the low frequency bass.” There’s also a microphone for hands-free voice calls.

Expect the Technocel Ear Vibe to sell for $29.99 when it hits retailers on January 15.

Source: Technocel

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