Palm Pre Gets Stalked Too with New Foursquare App


I’m all for social networking. The world is a social place, so the Internet world should be social too. That’s why I’m reasonably active on Twitter and some other places online. Foursquare is a little too stalker-ish for my tastes though.

If you own a Palm Pre and you don’t mind broadcasting your physical location to everyone, though, you just may be in luck. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry, webOS has now been provided with a proper Foursquare app.

Available for download through the App Catalog, the Foursquare app for webOS works in much the same way as the apps available on the other platforms. You log into your account, check into a location, and try to become mayor of said location.

Unfortunately, there is one function missing from the beta version of this app. You don’t get to see any city leaderboards, but that may change with future releases.

Source: Intomobile
foursquare  Palm Pre Gets Stalked Too with New Foursquare App

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