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Free SIM Cards Given Out by Wind Mobile

Free SIM Cards Given Out by Wind MobileSo, you know about the Wind Mobile phones and you know about their monthly plans, but that’s not enough to entice you into their fold? Well, Wind Mobile is working even harder to attract new customers, because it sounds like they are giving away free SIM cards to boot.

Just like any other GSM carrier, you can bring your unlocked GSM phone over to Wind and get your service that way, but you normally have to purchase a SIM card. As best as I can recall, Rogers and Fido charge about $35 for a new SIM card. Wind is offering them for free.

If you go to the FAQ section on the website, it says that “you can now get a SIM card and service from WIND without buying a WIND phone.” Going through the steps, it also says that there is “no charge for the WIND SIM card, you just need to buy WIND plan – any plan.”

Yippee! Moving over to the Wind Mobile seems like a pretty straightforward process. Assuming that they have the number portability thing ready to go, you can make the leap from Telus, Bell, Rogers, or whoever at your favorite corporate Wind store (or Blockbuster kiosk).

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  1. No the real terrorists are Rogers, Bell, and Telus – all 3 of these companies have been terrorizing me for years – especially ROGERS with their shady business practices – they EXTENDED MY CONTRACT for 3 years without my permission! I had to threaten to go to court before they finally caved!

  2. Wind is run by arabs. Do you trust these people??? They did 9/11 FFS!

  3. just go to Ebay and type UMTS or WCDMA, you get unlocked phones from around the world from $15 to 200.You can even keep your bad contract with rogers/fido while hookup a prepaid plan with winds for just $15

  4. Wind is GSM carrier as all of Europe is.

  5. Whoever wrote this was deeply wrong. Yes, WIND provides SIM cards free of charge. BUT, WIND IS NOT a GSM carrier. Less than 1% of the existent phones will work with wind. There are only about 20 phones worldwide that will work. All your typical GSM phones won't.
    In order to be compatible a phone has to be:
    1)supporting 1700/2100 UMTS (WCDMA) frequency/technology
    2) be unlocked

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