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Android Goes iDEN with Motorola Opus One Smartphone

 Android Goes iDEN with Motorola Opus One SmartphoneWho said that iDEN phones couldn’t be smart? Who said that iDEN phones couldn’t be stylish? It certainly wasn’t Motorola, since the company still seems to be a relatively big fan of the standard. Moving into largely uncharted territory is the Motorola Opus One, their first iDEN Android handset.

Motorola seems to be making quite the Android-flavored splash with its Motorola DROID smartphone through Verizon, so I guess they wanted to expand on that Android-fueled success with another handset. iDEN could be the way to go, since there isn’t as much competition there than with “regular” consumer feature phones.

The phone hasn’t been officially announced just yet, but we have managed to find some juicy specs that have been leaked in the meantime. The Opus One will get Android 1.5, but with iDEN service enhancements.

Other features include a Zeus processor, 3.1-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen, 3 megapixel autofocus camera, accelerometer, WiFi, Bluetooth, microSD expansion, 2.5mm jack, iDEN PTT and PTX, enterprise email, rubberized texture finishes, aGPS, dual-mic technology, and Flash Lite v3.1.x.

Since it’s iDEN, we’re expecting to see this with Sprint/Nextel. When and how much are anyone’s guess.

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  1. Listen ppl, this phone might not even come out, why do you think they deleted all the videos they had on Youtube. Because maybe its just a test and it might not come out. Or maybe it will, but like llllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaater on, maybe in the summer of 2010 or even later 2010

  2. Just FYI – They are a fan of the standard because they INVENTED it…

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