iPhone Races to Finish Line with Need for Speed: Shift


nfs  iPhone Races to Finish Line with Need for Speed: Shift
The Apple iPhone is home to some pretty great games and now it’s getting to hit the race track with another offering from Electronic Arts. The latest addition to the App Store is Need for Speed: Shift, offering a mobile version of that game that you would normally be playing on your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

While it naturally does not offer the same level of high-end graphics as its home console counterparts, the iPhone take on Need for Speed: Shift is no slouch either. Based on the provided screenshots, this game actually looks really good, especially given the mobile platform.

In the game, you can take your pick from 20 different vehicles from a variety of different manufacturers. The races take place across 28 street and pro racing events in places like Chicago, London, and Tokyo. As with the console version, you’ll also be able to buy upgrades to improve top speed, handling, acceleration, and nitro.

If you’d prefer to play with a friend, NFS:S takes care of that too. Multiplayer support comes by way of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Need for Speed: Shift is available now for $9.99.

Source: Intomobile

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