Stop Walking into People with Type n Walk for iPhone

 Stop Walking into People with Type n Walk for iPhone
Have you ever had the experience where you are walking down the street and you absolutely have to get that text message or email message sent out? Of course you have. Have you ever accidentally bumped into someone or tripped off the edge of the sidewalk as a result? Probably.

The problem is that your attention is far too focused on the cell phone screen, rendering you oblivious to the hazards around you. You’re dead to the world! That’s not a good thing and that’s where this new app comes into play.

Type n Walk for iPhone takes advantage of the camera on the back of the iPhone, streaming that image into the background of your text message program. This way, you can keep typing away while still being able to see what’s in front of you. No need to say, “Sorry, excuse me,” because you won’t bump into anyone.

For more information, hit up the official page or just find Type n Walk in the App Store.

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