Try Beta Software with BlackBerry App World Test Center

The iPhone has its App Store and the Motorola Droid has the Android Market. Wandering over to the shores of Research in Motion, we find the availability of the BlackBerry App World. Up until now, only “final” software was available for download through this utility, but RIM is shaking things up by offering beta apps too.

If you get the latest version of BlackBerry App World, you’ll discover that one of the new categories is called Test Center. If you go into this area, you’ll find a series of applications that are still in the beta phase of testing.

As such, they may still have bugs, but it also means that they may be offering some features not yet available in earlier versions of the app. Looking ahead to the future, it also means that you’ll be able to try out some new apps before they are ready for a full primetime release.

For now, two of the biggest apps populating the Test Center in BlackBerry App World are the new MySpace app and the new eBay app. To help the developers, make sure you leave some good feedback (both positive and negative) in your reviews!

Source: Intomobile
bbappworld Try Beta Software with BlackBerry App World Test Center

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