Standard Wall Outlet Gains Two USB Ports for Ten Bucks

usbwall  Standard Wall Outlet Gains Two USB Ports for Ten Bucks There all kinds of adapters out there, like the Technocel PowerPak, which can transform a regular AC wall outlet into a powered USB port. What’s different about this contraption is that there is no adapter at all; instead, the powered USB ports are integrated into the wall socket.

As you can quite plainly see from the image provided, your regular dual wall outlet can gain a pair of extra powered USB ports. This way, you can keep the power going to your LCD monitor or desk lamp, while still having access to the USB ports to charge your MP3 player and smartphone.

That’s pretty sweet. This is a custom wall outlet that will require a little bit of electrician’s work on your part, but the process should be just as straightforward as replacing a regular wall outlet. This is a very good idea!

The best part? The “TruePower UCS Power Outlet with Built-in USB Ports” (what a mouthful) is only ten bucks. They’re working on final UL approval, so they expect to fill your pre-order early next year.

Source: Crunchgear

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