Video: Another Tactile Keyboard Idea for the iPhone

iphonethumb Video: Another Tactile Keyboard Idea for the iPhone One of the most common complaints that people have about the Apple iPhone is that it lacks a physical keyboard. They don’t want to sacrifice that great touchscreen display, but they want something that they can feel when they’re typing things out. One of the newest solutions is called 4iThumbs.

A couple of months ago, we caught a glimpse at the iTwinge keyboard. This is a physical case that slid onto the bottom of the iPhone. The 4iThumbs solution is a little different.

Instead of being a hard piece of plastic, the 4iThumbs is actually a clear plastic overlay with little nubs that fit over the on-screen keyboard. This way, you can feel where each of the keys are and then when you’re done, you can remove the plastic overlay and stick it on the back.

The portrait version retails for $15 and the landscape version is $17. The best deal is buying both for $20, but it’s still up to you whether this is worth $20 at all.

Source: Gizmodo

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