One-Up James Bond with Hi-Res Camcorder Watch

watchcam  One-Up James Bond with Hi-Res Camcorder Watch
James Bond sure has more than his fair share of different products and you can get pretty funky with Inspector Gadget too. If you’re feeling the need to be a little geekier than both of them combined, you may want to consider this new JTT WACA HD 8GB wristwatch. That’s because it is capable of shooting hi-res video.

You may remember owning a calculator watch in your younger days. Maybe you even invested in one of those MP3 watches or maybe the video-playing MP4 watches. This wristwatch is so much more, because it could be even more convenient than than the pocket camcorder market occupied by the Creative Vado, Flip Video, and other items.

The JTT WACA HD 8GB wristwatch, as its name implies, has 8GB of internal memory and it is capable of shooting HD-like video. The weird thing is that the video is neither 720p nor 1080p. Instead, the resolution is 1280 x 960 pixels at 30fps. If you’d prefer to take stills, it’ll doo that at 8-megapixels too.

So, what’s the price for this piece of geek chic? Apparently you can find it on sale in Japan for about $150.

Source: Gadgetreview

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