Upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 Update Comes with New Virtual Keyboard

The people over at HTC can develop their own on-screen keyboard to go with their TouchFLO 3D interface, as can the the Samsung folks with the TouchWiz UI, but what about a native Windows Mobile installation? Well, it seems that the newest build of Windows Mobile 6.5 will come with a new virtual keyboard and it very well could be the best one to date.

You can see all of the slight variations below, giving you access to either a four-row or five-row configuration depending on your particular preferences. This refined on-screen keyboard will accompany the Windows Mobile 6.5 build 28002.

This build, which is being dubbed Windows Mobile 6.5.3 by the guys at XDA Developers, will offer a touchscreen keyboard that is a little more finger-friendly. As you can see the keyboard is similar to what you’d get with a BlackBerry Storm or other handsets like it.

With previous Windows Mobile touchscreen phones, the on-screen keyboard has been largely designed to work with a stylus. Since there is a trend pushing toward capacitive rather than resistive toushcreens, Microsoft needed to make something more finger-friendly.

Source: PocketNow
 Upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 Update Comes with New Virtual Keyboard

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  1. I hate the keyboard that htc have. Now, hopefully, that would be fixed. Anyways I think that Htc is on top.

  2. Player911 says:

    lol, I made that picture. I ripped the images out of the DLL file included in the package.

  3. Todd says:

    When will this upgrade be avaiable to wm6.5 users or will it? I have an HTC Imagio and the keyboard is terrible!!!!

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