USB Pet Rock Just as Useless as Non-USB Version

petrock USB Pet Rock Just as Useless as Non-USB VersionYears and years ago, the public was treated to the invention of the pet rock. Even though it did absolutely nothing but sit there, the pet rock flew off the shelves and sold like there was no tomorrow. Well, it seems like the concept has hit the digital age, because we are now looking at the USB Pet Rock.

Does it double up as a card reader? No. Does it perform some humorous actions like the USB humping dog? No. Does it work like a USB hub? No. So, what does this iteration do? Absolutely nothing.

Just like the regular pet rock that came before it, the USB Pet Rock does nothing at all. Why on Earth does it need the USB connection then? Your guess is as good as mine, because that USB connection seems to offer no interesting effects whatsoever.

If you’re still so inclined, you can find the USB Pet Rock on ThinkGeek for $9.99. The good news? No drivers needed!

Source: NewLaunches

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