Use a Decapitated Panda Head as an iPod Speaker

panda Use a Decapitated Panda Head as an iPod Speaker
I understand that different people have different preferences when it comes to home decor. Some people want to keep things simple, whereas others are willing to experiment with more eccentric form factors and color palettes. What about all the hunters of endangered species? Where are the products for them?

You won’t have to make a visit over to your local taxidermy office just yet, because you can get your hands on a decapitated panda head the geekier way. It’s not a real head, of course, but it may be more functional because the aptly named “USB Big Panda Speaker” pumps out the tunes.

Unlike the iPig iPod speaker dock from Speakal, this panda head doesn’t look very happy. It’s actually downright grumpy, despite playing friendly with both USB and 3.5mm inputs. You get treble and bass control to boot.

If you’re looking for something on the quirkier end of the equation, this Big Panda Speaker might be for you. Just don’t complain to me when you start getting nightmares of the panda family coming to extract their revenge. Find the Panda Speaker for $27 through

Source: GeekAlerts

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