Wood Cutting Board is Really a Wireless Charging Mat

Wood Cutting Board is Really a Wireless Charging Mat


woodcharge Wood Cutting Board is Really a Wireless Charging MatBy now, you’ve probably seen some of those wireless charging mats by companies like PowerMat. The idea is that you can simply place your iPod, Nintendo DS, or other portable devices on the mat and they’ll start charging without having to connect a cable. The trouble is that these big black mats can be glaringly obvious and, to some home decors, a bit of an eyesore.

How can you rectify this situation? Well, let’s turn our attention over to jvalal of Instructables for a more contemporary take. He took the all-black power mat induction charger and modified it to fit inside a wooden board. It may look like a cutting board for your vegetables, but it’s just as functional as the regular power mat.

It’s not like it was the easiest of processes, of course. Jvalal removed the “electronic guts” from the power mat charger and then manually mounted them on the underside of a gutted out piece of wood. But that wasn’t the hardest part.

The hardest part was making the wood surface thin enough that devices placed on top would get a positive lock on the charging coils below. Cut it too thin and you’d poke a hole in the wood instead, effectively nullifying its clean appearance.

Watch the video below and then hit up the original post for step-by-step directions.

Source: Lifehacker

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